Home for the Holidays – December 2014

So, with this post I have reached a new record – posting over 3 months late. Ugh. Gotta get back on top of this!!! A few days before I headed home to Rhode Island for Christmas time, I got an iPhone. Since I got this iPhone, sadly, I realize I haven’t been taking many photos with my real camera. Still
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Washington DC trip in December

Katie, Kain and I visited the National Zoo in lovely 30 degree weather They have cheetahs!!!!!!!!!!  And I got to see a cheetah run! So exciting!! Kain… And this picture reminds why zoos make me so sad also, even if it’s exciting to see the coolest animals. We met my mom and her friend Mary Ellen at a cathedral… After
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Art, Hiking, Skating

It was SUCH an honor to be represented on campus by Tiffany Read. The original photo was taken by Jack Spanbauer. So cool! Got to see Tiffany’s exhibit in Denver, which included many other awesome paintings of her “Shred Divas”.   Back in the Fall, before the weather officially turned to winter, I went on a hike with Margaret, Christine,
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Crested Butte to Aspen and back – West Maroon Pass and Kebler Pass

I picked up Chip in Denver around 5 pm on Friday, and we headed out to Crested Butte. At that point, I wasn’t sure what would happen over the weekend. I felt completely unprepared for the hiking adventure I had signed on too, but was hopeful my brothers could get me through it. Chip and I got to Seth and
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September and early October Skate Sessions

Beginning with a Crisis Sunday at this awesome spot… Blaine’s got dem no-comply tailslides… Justin… James going up… Matthew with the trick of the day… And some crazy dude freaking out on Colt after they collided…     Then to another day, with a super mellow session at Whiskey Tee’s… Wrex… Jenni…     And then to another Crisis Sunday
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Portland Trip (#portrandia)

Two days after I got back to CO from RI, I was back on a plane headed to Portland, OR. Back row seating, with Jack and Glen. When we took off (Sept 11), CO seemed to be in OR weather, while OR was experiencing weather more typical of CO – hot, dry and sunny. Perfect, especially because Boulder even got
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Quick Rhode Island visit

Chip and I took a long weekend to spend a little time in Rhode Island in early September. I didn’t take too many photos with my real camera, so there’s lots of cell phone photos included, and even though I got sick, the trip was a blast. I always need to go straight to the beach when I get home…  
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Wild Animal Sanctuary birthday visit

    The Wild Animal Sanctuary is amazing. Jack and I went for my birthday outing (really the day before my birthday), and it really was so awesome. The sanctuary rescues animals that are being abused or sometimes from zoos or circuses that have closed down. There’s lots of stories that are really sad, except that luckily the animals were
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Crisis Sunday in Broomfield


Saturday Ramp Sessions in August

Starting at a guy named Jeremy’s ramp. Hot, fun summer Saturday in August… Chelsea… Jenni… Margaret… Chris… Christine… Sam…     Then to a ramp at “White Nick’s”… Irina…   Chelsea took over on the camera for the rest of our time at this ramp … (so there are actually photos of me coming up!!) guess I missed front disaster,
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