Back to June

I’ve been working a lot on the second issue of Zine Unseen with Jack, been traveling, moved apartments, and been skating a lot, so I’ve sadly been slacking on this blog. It’s now mid September, but I’m posting photos from mid to late June right now. Eventually I’ll get caught back up… hope you enjoy!       Clover Bowl
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Carbondale Adventure

So… I’m posting this almost two months later (which is ridiculous) and I still feel excited thinking back to this weekend. It was so, so much fun. It all began in Arvada/Wheatridge area meeting up with Jenni, Irina and Nysa… Then we hit the road and headed to Carbondale. I’m usually the one driving through the mountains, so it was
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The Motts with Nebraska friends, Crisis Sunday to the Police Bank

The Nebraska crew was in town, and we went out to the Mott’s for a little backyard bowl session… Ashley kills it… Awesome, awesome dudes… Ashley showed me Jesse’s trick… to play dead. Ha! Super fun, super big thanks to the Motts!   And then out with the Crisis team on a Crisis Sunday… Peter was our guest for the
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Summer Saturday at Rock Creek and Safeway ditch

A day with Jack, Fuzz, Fuller, Rob, Neil and Blake. In fact, one of the last days skating with Neil before he moved to Hawaii…


Crisis, Rock Creek w/ Chris, Saturday with the girls

To start, out on a Crisis adventure, we saw the biggest snake I have ever seen in the wild in my entire life. Sadly I had my fish eye lens on, which was probably the worst lens to capture this beast, but if you look closely, you can see the snake in the photo below… Justin checking the set of
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A Saturday with the crew

I met up with Glen, Ollie, Rob, Neil, Blake, and Lazer on campus. I had just hurt my elbow and was set on just rolling and taking photos and nothing more than that. Almost immediately after meeting up with everyone, we were asked to leave every spot on campus. Nicely, though. Ha. We went to Casey for a bit, and
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May! Skating, Anna’s goodbye, Chris Dyer’s visit, etc.

Jack boosting at a early morning Northglenn session… Later that day was Anna’s going-away party and Zac’s bday party, which they combined into one big drunken bar crawl through Denver… Bye Anna! And then, a Crisis session on a HOT day… And lastly for this post, my friend Chris Dyer from Montreal came to Denver for a solo art show.
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Sessions from April: Park, Barrier and Bowls

  A mellow day at mini Arvada… Then some shots from the Good Times barrier. I was preparing for a battle, but success came sooner than expected. So when Glen showed up, I got to relax and take some photos… Omi stopped by for a bit also… And then, a day at Terrell’s… Chelsea took over on the camera for
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…and around and around…


skating makes my world go round