San Diego in October for Meagan and Tom’s Wedding

A few photos from the flight from Denver… Family ultrasound Van… Final dress fitting… Back to the beach… And drinks with the crew! Starting off the next morning with a walking adventure… Breakfast… After beach time, time for drinks… We walked a LOT that day…   Back to the beach for another epic sunset… Bridal party mani/pedis the next morning…
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Late August to early October 2015: Crisis sessions, hiking, the full blood moon eclipse

Crisis Sundays…. Hike in Estes Park during Labor Day weekend… More Crisis Sundays… The Super Full Blood Moon Eclipse (or whatever it was called)… The scariest spider I’ve ever seen… Back to Crisis Sundays…


East Coast in August, Part 1 – GRC canoe trip and RCB

GRC canoe excursion on the Connecticut River! Mandi… Mandi and me… the rope swing… I took a turn…   Once GRC was over, my mom picked me up and it was straight to the beach! Marcia… my mom… Clay… Rob… Van came down to the beach… Makala, Van and Liz… Kendall… the view from our post breakfast dinner spot at
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Mostly July, a little August: Skating, 4th of July, and a Night for Andrea in Breck

Starting with a little session with Jack and Glen… And then to 4th of July! It was a difficult 4th of July for me this year, because I wasn’t at home in RI with my family or camping in Colorado. Both of which are the best. But it wasn’t so bad in the end. Jack and I took a little
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Seattle, New Jersey, and Rhode Island, in June

Seattle   New Jersey   Rhode Island


February 2015 in iPhone photos – lots of snow and some other stuff



Memorial Day Weekend 2015 – my mom’s visit, hiking, wild animal sanctuary


Skate Sessions – May 2015


Skating and Life: February – early May

James: more James… Chase: Fuzz: James: Chase: Justin: Crisis team:   Katie came to visit from Baltimore with Kain and Karin for a long weekend in March. On the Saturday, we went to Red Rocks, which seemed like Kain’s favorite part of the trip (to me atleast!)…   Some photos from a Northglenn session… Irina: Chelsea: Chelsea’s fs air (as
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Costa Rica! 2015 trip, Part 2

  And here are my Iphone photos from my trip to Costa Rica!   I had a late night flight to Houston from Denver, and met up with Meagan around 6am or so on a Tuesday morning in the Houston airport. We had some mimosas with breakfast… and then got on our flight to Costa Rica!…   A few photos
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