Crisis goes to Albuquerque

Our drive to Albuquerque began mid day on a Friday in early February. Colorado was still covered in snow and we were hoping for better weather down south.

Our first stop was in Walsenburg, Colorado. Fuzz had his heart set on a particular diner for lunch, but it closed about a half hour before we got there. So instead we took some photos and ate a Mexican restaurant down the street.
DSC_0322_edit_resized DSC_0326_edit_resized DSC_0328_edit_resized DSC_0330_edit_resized DSC_0335_edit_resized DSC_0339_edit_resized DSC_0349_edit_resized DSC_0351_edit_resized DSC_0353_edit_resized DSC_0361_edit_resized

mini spot lurking…DSC_0363_edit_resized DSC_0364_edit_resized DSC_0367_edit_resized DSC_0368_edit_resized DSC_0370_edit_resized

And then, back on the open road…DSC_0372_edit_resized DSC_0375_edit_resized DSC_0379_edit_resized DSC_0381_edit_resized

We got to Albuquerque around 10pm, found a cheap La Quinta hotel to stay in, Chris gave us the okay on no bed bugs after a thorough search and then we were settled. The next day we started off a little hip spot that we found randomly, met up with Monico, and then took a much anticipated bomb down the Indian School ditch. Fucking amazing. DSC_0389_edit_resized

James destroying jersey barrier wallies into the ditch…DSC_0405_edit_resized DSC_0438_edit_resized DSC_0440_edit_resized DSC_0442_edit_resized

We made our way to another ditch, where we skated until the sun set…
DSC_0454_edit_resized DSC_0455_edit_resized DSC_0458_edit_resized DSC_0464_edit_resized DSC_0467_edit_resized DSC_0469_edit_resized DSC_0475_edit_resized DSC_0476_edit_resized DSC_0477_edit_resized DSC_0479_edit_resized

That night we went to a homie skate video premier called the Breakfast Club and then skated a park until everyone was exhausted.

The next day we skated the most fun DIY spot spot and met up with Mike, who tour-guided us around that day. He took us to this amazing “new school” spot…DSC_0480_edit_resized DSC_0483_edit_resized

Ro ripping…DSC_0490_edit_resized DSC_0493_edit_resized DSC_0495_edit_resized

This is Mike:DSC_0523_edit_resized


Chris killing it:DSC_0545_edit_resized

More Fuzz ollies…DSC_0550_edit_resized DSC_0553_edit_resized

and a 180…DSC_0568_edit_resized

Mike with a heel flip…DSC_0582_edit_resized

Fun times, such an awesome spot. We went to another school with round red flat bars and an infamous handrail in the back. Then another skate park, a ridiculous trip to Chili’s with the weirdest waitresses and back to the hotel early because everyone was physically worked.

The next day was our last, and we got a little bit of a late start. A few spots downtown…

DSC_0589_edit_resized DSC_0592_edit_resized DSC_0594_edit_resized DSC_0597_edit_resized

Once again, Ro ripping…

And then the cops shut it down.DSC_0613_edit_resized DSC_0614_edit_resized DSC_0615_edit_resized

And finally, our last spot of the trip…
DSC_0620_edit_resized DSC_0625_edit_resized DSC_0627_edit_resized DSC_0632_edit_resized DSC_0636_edit_resized DSC_0637_edit_resized DSC_0638_edit_resized DSC_0639_edit_resized


And that was that. Super super big thanks to Fuzz for making this happen, and thanks to all the dudes for being rad. Can’t wait to take another skate trip.


(More photos from the trip may surface soon, once I finally go through my phone pics)


San Diego visit (Part 2)

Starting from where the previous post left off… walking down to the beach with Meagan to check out the sunset on Saturday night.
DSC_0980_edit_resized DSC_0989_edit_resized DSC_0990_edit_resized DSC_0992_edit_resized DSC_0995_edit_resized DSC_0997_edit_resized DSC_1001_edit_resized DSC_1002_edit_resized DSC_1005_edit_resized DSC_1012_edit_resized DSC_1013_edit_resized DSC_1017_edit_resizedDSC_0012_edit_resized DSC_0014_edit_resized DSC_0018_edit_resized DSC_0019_edit_resized DSC_0021_edit_resized DSC_0027_edit_resized DSC_0029_edit_resized DSC_0039_edit_resized DSC_0044_edit_resized DSC_0048_edit_resized DSC_0051_edit_resized DSC_0052_edit_resized DSC_0056_edit_resized DSC_0058_edit_resized DSC_0070_edit_resized DSC_0073_edit_resized DSC_0077_edit_resized DSC_0080_edit_resized

Pretty damn beautiful. After that we grabbed some food and made dinner and Meag and Tom’s and had a pretty early night… must’ve been all that sun!

The next morning, after a stroll to a local coffee shop, Meag and I headed down to the Washington Street park so I could get my DIY skate fix. I only have photos on my phone, so they may eventually make it on here, but I mostly super excited and proud of doing wallrides on one of the structural poles there.

After that adventure, we headed to Coronado to wander on the beach a little…
DSC_0087_edit_resizedDSC_0089_edit_resized DSC_0093_edit_resizedDSC_0103_edit_resized

…and then we went inside the hotel for bloody marys from the bar and a view of the beach.

Then a delicious lunch at Rubicon’s deli, shopping, and then a trip to Sunset Cliffs (if I remember the name correctly)…DSC_0107_edit_resized DSC_0111_edit_resized DSC_0114_edit_resized DSC_0119_edit_resized DSC_0121_edit_resized DSC_0122_edit_resized DSC_0126_edit_resized DSC_0128_edit_resized


The next morning Meag and Tom both headed to work, and I took a stroll to the same coffee shop as the day before and then down to the beach to take some photos and soak up the ocean breeze in my last few hours on the coast…
DSC_0133_edit_resized DSC_0136_edit_resized

oh, and there was a pig down by the beach too…
DSC_0141_edit_resized DSC_0145_edit_resized DSC_0147_edit_resized DSC_0148_edit_resized DSC_0153_edit_resized DSC_0158_edit_resized DSC_0159_edit_resized DSC_0162_edit_resized DSC_0171_edit_resized DSC_0178_edit_resized DSC_0189_edit_resized DSC_0191_edit_resized DSC_0199_edit_resized DSC_0205_edit_resized DSC_0219_edit_resized DSC_0224_edit_resized DSC_0226_edit_resized DSC_0230_edit_resized

some #selfies…
DSC_0236_edit_resized DSC_0240_edit_resized DSC_0245_edit_resized DSC_0254_edit_resized DSC_0255_edit_resized DSC_0256_edit_resized DSC_0260_edit_resized DSC_0264_edit_resized DSC_0268_edit_resized DSC_0269_edit_resized DSC_0278_edit_resized DSC_0288_edit_resized DSC_0292_edit_resized DSC_0298_edit_resized DSC_0305_edit_resized

Then it was time to pack up my things and catch a ride with Tom, who was nice enough to pick me up and drive me to the airport. And then back in the air to Colorado…



Thank you soo so so much Meagan and Tom!

And hopefully soon I’ll have cell phone photos of the weekend up soon!


San Diego visit (Part 1)

It rules having friends that live in awesome places. Life in Colorado was cold, snowy and getting a little monotonous, so I booked a flight to sunny San Diego to visit my friend Meagan and her boyfriend Tom. Overall, I felt like the entire weekend trip was relaxing and a little magical. That kind of magic when everything just works out perfectly with no effort at all. I couldn’t have possibly asked for anything more.

The flight out there was probably the best flight of my life. It was a clear day and for some reason (turbulence up high), the pilot had to fly the plane relatively low in the sky the entire trip. I saw the Rockies, even Crested Butte I think, Utah, Monument Valley and the Grand Canyon. DSC_0682_edit_resized DSC_0684_edit_resized DSC_0687_edit_resized

Meagan picked me up from the airport and we dropped stuff off at her place and then took a stroll down to the beach…
DSC_0692_edit_resized DSC_0696_edit_resized DSC_0701_edit_resized DSC_0702_edit_resized DSC_0705_edit_resized DSC_0709_edit_resized DSC_0712_edit_resized DSC_0715_edit_resized DSC_0716_edit_resized DSC_0720_edit_resized DSC_0724_edit_resized DSC_0728_edit_resized DSC_0730_edit_resized DSC_0738_edit_resized DSC_0740_edit_resized DSC_0743_edit_resized DSC_0757_edit_resized DSC_0759_edit_resized DSC_0763_edit_resized DSC_0769_edit_resized DSC_0777_edit_resized

The waves were bigger than normal, and even the end of the pier was closed off. Made for some fun photos though. The power of the ocean never gets old.DSC_0793_edit_resized DSC_0795_edit_resized

After our beach visit, we headed to Ocean Beach to hit up OB Noodle House (Meagan’s favorite spot). We got the best possible parking spot, the best table, food, sake and beer were all delicious. Amazing. Then we went out for a little bar hopping with Meagan’s coworkers. Super fun times in the first day of the trip.

Saturday morning, after Meagan, Tom and I ate a delicious homemade breakfast, we went on a bike adventure…

DSC_0807_edit_resized DSC_0811_edit_resized DSC_0815_edit_resized

First stop was to visit Tom’s old place and some of his friends that still lived there…
DSC_0824_edit_resized DSC_0830_edit_resized DSC_0831_edit_resized DSC_0838_edit_resized

And then a bike ride down the beach “boardwalk”…DSC_0843_edit_resized DSC_0847_edit_resized DSC_0850_edit_resized DSC_0855_edit_resized DSC_0861_edit_resized DSC_0873_edit_resized DSC_0875_edit_resized DSC_0886_edit_resized

A little break at the end of the boardwalk, along the bay…DSC_0894_edit_resized DSC_0899_edit_resizedDSC_0904_edit_resized DSC_0908_edit_resized DSC_0909_edit_resized DSC_0913_edit_resized DSC_0920_edit_resized

Trying to relearn how to cartwheel (it’s probably been a decade or so)…
DSC_0927_edit_resized DSC_0931_edit_resized DSC_0940_edit_resized

We locked up our bikes for a little stop at a beachside bar/restaurant…DSC_0942_edit_resized DSC_0948_edit_resized DSC_0949_edit_resized DSC_0951_edit_resized DSC_0958_edit_resized Meagan and her beachDSC_0961_edit_resized DSC_0963_edit_resized DSC_0969_edit_resized

Back to visit the friends, and another rooftop view…
DSC_0977_edit_resized We got back to Meagan and Tom’s place, and Meagan and I headed out for Saturday night’s sunset over the ocean…DSC_0979_edit_resized


(to be continued…)

January skate sessions

This first session was a Crisis Sunday, some time in the middle of January. I was still feeling really sick and it was super cold and windy. Not a great combination. Even so, the day was super fun. We started at Smoky Hills, mostly by accident.

Some warmup photos…

DSC_0385_edit_resized DSC_0388_edit_resized DSC_0397_edit_resized DSC_0400_edit_resizedDSC_0426_edit_resizedDSC_0413_edit_resized

Justin going for gap lipslide…
DSC_0419_edit_resized DSC_0421_edit_resized

James with lots of wallies…DSC_0432_edit_resized DSC_0436_edit_resized DSC_0437_edit_resized

Ro was killing it…DSC_0442_edit_resized DSC_0446_edit_resized DSC_0454_edit_resizedDSC_0462_edit_resized DSC_0464_edit_resized DSC_0465_edit_resized DSC_0467_edit_resized DSC_0472_edit_resized DSC_0474_edit_resized

Fuzz too…DSC_0482_edit_resized DSC_0488_edit_resizedDSC_0483_edit_resized DSC_0485_edit_resizedDSC_0490_edit_resized

Then over to the rails…DSC_0496_edit_resizedDSC_0498_edit_resized DSC_0500_edit_resizedDSC_0503_edit_resizedDSC_0515_edit_resized DSC_0525_edit_resized DSC_0537_edit_resized

From another day, with Jack, Glen, Neil and Blake. This was the 3rd spot of the day, wrapping up our session…DSC_0541_edit_resized DSC_0542_edit_resized DSC_0544_edit_resized DSC_0545_edit_resized DSC_0547_edit_resized DSC_0549_edit_resized DSC_0550_edit_resized DSC_0551_edit_resized DSC_0557_edit_resized DSC_0558_edit_resized DSC_0561_edit_resized DSC_0562_edit_resized DSC_0564_edit_resized DSC_0569_edit_resized DSC_0574_edit_resized


And then back to another Crisis session. Beginning with a stretch and then a little fire hydrant session…DSC_0582_edit_resized DSC_0585_edit_resized DSC_0588_edit_resized DSC_0593_edit_resized DSC_0600_edit_resized DSC_0610_edit_resized DSC_0619_edit_resized DSC_0623_edit_resized DSC_0629_edit_resized DSC_0630_edit_resized DSC_0635_edit_resized DSC_0637_edit_resized (James did a killer no comply over the fire hydrant, but I only got a photo of him early on, while just sort of warming up into the trick. Not a great photo, but still felt like sticking it in here.)

After that, we did a little lurking and came upon something that caught Ro’s eye…

DSC_0643_edit_resized DSC_0649_edit_resized So rick!

And then a little stop by a backyard pool. Unfortunately it was shut down by a lot of thick ice and water in the deep end…DSC_0650_edit_resized DSC_0653_edit_resized DSC_0658_edit_resized DSC_0661_edit_resized a not-so-great team photo midday.

Then we went to a ditch where we spent the rest of the day. I skated the whole time, but stopped to take a few photos when Ro managed to pull his board out of a pipe, where it flew into and got stuck in thick mud. DSC_0663_edit_resized DSC_0664_edit_resized DSC_0666_edit_resized Ha.DSC_0675_edit_resized

Awesome. Always appreciate these dry winter days…


Pueblo day trip

It was snowy in Boulder and we decided to take a Saturday day trip down south to Pueblo in search of dry land. It was Glen, Neil, Chad and me. We left Boulder around 8:30, Chad hopped in the car in Denver and we were on our way…

IMAG9331_edit_resized IMAG9333_edit_resized

Our first stop was on the Colorado State campus there, where this amazing bank happens to be…IMAG9335_edit_resized

It was fun warming up, but the wind was intense. After awhile we stopped for lunch and then went by KaMitt, where the homies are the raddest people and always take the time to hang with us and take us to skate spots… Honestly the most welcoming dudes.IMAG9336_edit_resized IMAG9339_edit_resized

After hanging at the shop for a bit, Fred took us to a spot down by the river…
DSC_0262_edit_resized DSC_0265_edit_resizedIMAG9342_edit_resized IMAG9343_edit_resized IMAG9346_edit_resized

Next, to a bank to ledge spot…DSC_0270_edit_resized DSC_0273_edit_resized DSC_0279_edit_resized DSC_0294_edit_resized DSC_0296_edit_resized DSC_0298_edit_resized DSC_0299_edit_resized DSC_0301_edit_resized DSC_0302_edit_resized DSC_0306_edit_resized DSC_0307_edit_resized DSC_0310_edit_resized Everything was awesome and I finally put down my camera to skate, when some crazy dude with a wooden rod longer than a baseball bat came running out through the fence, screaming at us and threatening us with his bat. He was yelling about how we needed to get, something about his place being vandalized (so, of course the immediate connection with skaters), etc. until Fred shut him down and put him in his place.

IMAG9349_edit_resized (He looks pretty relaxed in the above photo, but that’s cause this is after Fred shut him down. I couldn’t get to my camera or cell phone until this point, because he was standing right next to them when he was in crazy aggressive mode.)

Either way, we left that spot and moved on to the next…IMAG9353_edit_resized IMAG9356_edit_resized

…which also happened to be a bank to ledge, just a little more intense…IMAG9359_edit_resized

Ricky and Fred were the only ones trying to tackle this beast…DSC_0314_edit_resized DSC_0320_edit_resized DSC_0332_edit_resized DSC_0333_edit_resized DSC_0336_edit_resized DSC_0347_edit_resized DSC_0348_edit_resized DSC_0351_edit_resized

Some slips did happen…DSC_0354_edit_resized DSC_0363_edit_resized

Sketchy… so sick though. DSC_0372_edit_resized DSC_0374_edit_resizedWe hung around this spot while the sun went down, watching Ricky do any trick requested by the rest of the crew in the parking lot above the bank. Then it was time to head back north. Always a blast in Pueblo with the best dudes.


Home for the Holidays, December 2013

I flew home on an over night flight on Saturday the 21st. I planned on sleeping through the over night flight and having a normal Sunday at home in Rhode Island. The flight was supposed to leave around 11:30 pm I believe, but ended up being delayed a few hours. Once we finally boarded the plane, went through “de-icing” and left the gate, they found some thing wrong with air conditioning which was part of the pressurizing system (or something like that), so we returned to the gate and waited for mechanics to solve the problem. Maybe an hour later, we pulled away from the gate again, went through de-icing and took off. I was still planning on getting some sleep, and was tired enough (also starting to feel like I was getting sick) that I fell asleep fast. That only lasted so long, because I woke up to the flight attendant (who was right behind me since I was the aisle seat in the very last row) screaming “HEEEELLLLLLLLLLPPPPPP!!!”, which is really not a pleasant way to wake up in general, and especially not mid-flight. I sprung awake and turned to look behind where the flight attendant was holding a woman in her arms. The woman next to me started yelling for a doctor or an EMT, and eventually a handful of people headed to the back of the plane. Apparently the woman passed out and the flight attendant caught her, and at first she was unconscious, but did gain consciousness soon after. I figured if we had to make an emergency landing this overnight flight might become the longest flight home ever, but we kept on course and the woman was fine. After that, though, I gave up on trying to sleep on the plane.

My parents drove all the way to Boston to pick me up, and were there right on time. We even stopped for breakfast on the way back at the Station House, a spot right by the farm. Once we got home to the farm, I did some laundry and tried to get caught up on sleep – a pretty lame way to start my vacation! The evening made up for it, though, because I got to have dinner with my Aunt Marcia, Uncle Bill, Clay, Bill’s niece and nephew Lindsay and Matthew.



After that, I met up with Liz and Amelia for some drinks and a trip to the Pub…

IMAG9052_edit_resized IMAG9057_edit_resized


The next day I still had to finish up my final project paper for my class, so I spent most of the day just hanging out and working at the kitchen table at home…


After about 8 hours, I finished my last required class for my PhD (woo), and made some Christmas cookies for the RCB Christmas party that night…



The next day was Christmas Eve, and finally time for me to go Christmas shopping (ha… but seriously). I also stopped by a new seafood market in town to pick up some lobsters… it was a cool market and all the seafood looked amazing…

IMAG9071_edit_resized IMAG9072_edit_resized IMAG9078_edit_resized


When I got home, I took some selfies with the poor lobster on top of the the pile, who was the first one in the pot of boiling water…

IMAG9082_edit_resized IMAG9104_edit_resized

And a photo of my dad pouring out the steam and boiling water in front of the big kitchen window…

IMAG9106_edit_resizedAfter some more prep for Christmas dinner, we headed to my Aunt Anne and Uncle Bruce’s house for Christmas Eve dinner…



That night I went to church with my mom. There’s a stain glass window there that we dedicated to my grandmother along time ago. I took some quick cell phone photos of it, first from inside the church then outside…

IMAG9115_edit_resized IMAG9116_edit_resized IMAG9117_edit_resized

The next morning was Christmas… I woke up early and decorated the tree (gotta get it done at some point! ha), and then had a relaxing morning with the Clay and my parents…

IMAG9120_edit_resizedand the dogs of course, (here’s Beau)…


Then we all got busy getting the dinner and the house ready for everyone to come over.

DSC_0150_edit_resized DSC_0151_edit_resized

Keely and her daughters…
DSC_0152_edit_resized DSC_0153_edit_resizedDSC_0158_edit_resized I wasn’t the only one taking photos…DSC_0168_edit_resizedBack in the kitchen…DSC_0170_edit_resized DSC_0173_edit_resized The dinner table…DSC_0177_edit_resized

Maggie and a present…


Our very short tree (with a boost from its stand)IMAG9140_edit_resized

About half way through dinner I started feeling really sick, and I was exhausted by the time everyone left.

A photo of a sleepy dog the next morning…

Going through some old Christmas photos…
IMAG9143_edit_resized IMAG9145_edit_resized IMAG9147_edit_resized

I ended up spending the next two days on the couch or in my bed. I was so so sick. My temperature two days after Christmas…

Not fun at all. Luckily on Saturday (the day I was flying back to CO), I felt a little better. Enough to go take some photos, at least. The farmhouse…

Jasper, in the pasture…

The sketchiest set of stone stairs…

I also took a trip to the Ocean Mist with my mom to meet Clay and some of his friends for lunch…
IMAG9180_edit_resized IMAG9184_edit_resized

I took some “glamour” shots of Beau (who I love so much and am so happy every time I come home and he’s still there!)…
DSC_0185_edit_resized DSC_0191_edit_resized DSC_0195_edit_resized DSC_0197_edit_resized

And my mom and I also made it down to Roys, so I could have one last visit to the beach on this trip…
DSC_0213_edit_resized DSC_0216_edit_resized DSC_0218_edit_resized DSC_0222_edit_resizedDSC_0229_edit_resized DSC_0231_edit_resized DSC_0235_edit_resized DSC_0238_edit_resized DSC_0245_edit_resized DSC_0249_edit_resized DSC_0258_edit_resized


And then it was back to Colorado!

Launch ramp with Meta

John invited me to come along with the Meta team to skate the Launch ramp. I was in the middle of working on my final project for my class, but this was a worthy work break. Plus, I had never been to the launch ramp before, and I always miss the “Old man night” because I’m usually still at work when people head up to Fort Collins for it. So yea, this night was awesome.

On the short bus…

DSC_1003_edit_resized DSC_1005_edit_resized DSC_1006_edit_resized

And to Launch…DSC_1013_edit_resized DSC_1017_edit_resized DSC_1020_edit_resizedDSC_0001_edit_resized DSC_0006_edit_resized OmiDSC_0007_edit_resized CollinDSC_0009_edit_resized DavisDSC_0015_edit_resized DSC_0016_edit_resized DakotaDSC_0020_edit_resized JJDSC_0021_edit_resized DSC_0022_edit_resized DSC_0024_edit_resized DSC_0025_edit_resized Jess Mudgett was thereDSC_0026_edit_resized DSC_0027_edit_resized DSC_0030_edit_resized DavisDSC_0033_edit_resized AlexDSC_0036_edit_resized DSC_0037_edit_resized DSC_0045_edit_resized DSC_0047_edit_resized DSC_0048_edit_resized DSC_0050_edit_resized DSC_0051_edit_resized BobDSC_0053_edit_resized DSC_0059_edit_resized DSC_0060_edit_resized DSC_0063_edit_resized DSC_0079_edit_resized (I missed the grab, boo)DSC_0090_edit_resized DSC_0094_edit_resized DSC_0106_edit_resized DSC_0108_edit_resized Josh. Not a great photo, but just to show Josh was doing some crazy gap to extension type stuff.DSC_0109_edit_resized DSC_0112_edit_resized WillDSC_0115_edit_resized DSC_0116_edit_resized DSC_0122_edit_resized DSC_0127_edit_resized DSC_0129_edit_resized DSC_0132_edit_resized


And that’s all for photos… they all were taken in about the last 20-30 minutes we were there I think. I super happy that I got invited…. the Launch is amazing and the night was a blast. Thanks dudes.