Wild Animal Sanctuary birthday visit

    The Wild Animal Sanctuary is amazing. Jack and I went for my birthday outing (really the day before my birthday), and it really was so awesome. The sanctuary rescues animals that are being abused or sometimes from zoos or circuses that have closed down. There’s lots of stories that are really sad, except that luckily the animals were
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Crisis Sunday in Broomfield


Saturday Ramp Sessions in August

Starting at a guy named Jeremy’s ramp. Hot, fun summer Saturday in August… Chelsea… Jenni… Margaret… Chris… Christine… Sam…     Then to a ramp at “White Nick’s”… Irina…   Chelsea took over on the camera for the rest of our time at this ramp … (so there are actually photos of me coming up!!) guess I missed front disaster,
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Crisis Sundays and Rainbows


Rock Creek with Chelc and Marg

(me trying to get back disasters down, an endless battle no matter how many times I’ve landed this trick…)


mid-August Rocky Mountain camping adventure with Jack


Flatirons hike with Leigh!

    Back in August, Leigh came out to Boulder for a wedding and stayed with me. So much fun, and really awesome to catch up with a friend I’ve know, but rarely see, for somwhere around 23 or 24 years! So crazy. Anyways, I took Friday off work and we went to a nice little hike…   a person
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Crisis Sundays, Ft. Collins and CO Springs

Starting at the Car Wash on a Crisis Sunday Session… Church on Sunday…       Met up with Glen, Derek and Riley one day at Sol… Derek with a dark blurry frontside flip attempt… And then to Spring Canyon, where Riley was blasting bonelesses… And I was failing at photography… (guess I didn’t think he was going to go
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More July: Crisis sessions, Gangsta beach, Roxborough and Nederland

Crisis day in Arvada… James always gets right down to business. Came close to this…     Ro was killing it too…     If you don’t recognize this next photo, shame on you! Ha, JK… but this is the cover of the new issue of Zine Unseen (Issue 2)!! These zines will be released at the Crisis skateboards 4th
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Rhode Island in July with Jack

I love the ocean. I miss it everyday… The Narragansett Del’s Shandies were a big theme of the trip. Apparently they were super hard to get your hands on before 4th of July. So people saved them for me… then all of a sudden they were available everywhere. Jack in the beach house… Every morning, my parents came down to
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