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Graduation! May 2016

Graduation!!!!   I actually wasn’t quite finished with school at this point, but I walked in the May graduation. (By the way, I am finished now and I even have my diploma in hand!! PhD!) And Odessa and I had a grad party! An example of the handmade invites… On our way to pick up our graduation robes/gowns, tassels, puffy
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Portland Trip (#portrandia)

Two days after I got back to CO from RI, I was back on a plane headed to Portland, OR. Back row seating, with Jack and Glen. When we took off (Sept 11), CO seemed to be in OR weather, while OR was experiencing weather more typical of CO – hot, dry and sunny. Perfect, especially because Boulder even got
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The weekend of the 4th (2013) camping trip

Almost spring skate sessions

The first set of photos is actually just a Sunday lurk mission. Skating was our intention, but it was crazy windy and Jack and I aren’t big fans of the wind. So we went on a mission to find wonderful spots that Jason had described to us. And took a lovely little walk in the process…   The ditch turned
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Red Curbs story and Restorative Justice Program

Background: One rainy Saturday evening, I was skating with Dean, Jack, Blaine and Connor. Since it started raining, we took a break and hung out at Meta, the skate shop on the hill, for a little while, and then decided to roll around at “Red Curbs” – the covered parking garage at 33rd and Walnut. This parking garage is typically
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Mountain Adventure (field trip on a short bus)

We woke up at Fuzz’s house and the first mission was to get coffee… What a fun morning-after photo and another one! Brian too. Our driver for the whole day – and long day with a lot of driving. We eventually made it to breakfast… where we saw a cute little car on the way out… We piled on to
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A Vermont Wedding: Rehearsal BBQ/bluegrass

Dave & Kate’s Wedding weekend adventure. The weekend began at the base box at Mad River Glen.  There was a thick mist in the air, and everything was vividly green – an odd sight when I’m used to seeing this place covered in snow. The night was awesome… reunited with the whole family and a good kick off to the
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Mid-May Hail Storm

I admit that blaming bad weather for my laziness and lack of updates is pretty lame. But so it goes. So here’s a little proof… Honestly, I guess the weather has been a downer. Haven’t been skating too much since the it started raining almost every day. Most of this weekend was a bit of a wash as well, even
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Cell phone shots

Some indulgences… Bathroom graffiti at the Attic… The Black Dots… even without my actual camera I felt the need to take some shots at the show. Not sure if they’re even identifiable, but yea… oh well…. good music, good show, good people, good times…


Saw this video a few weeks ago, but saw it again today and was inspired to post it for those who haven’t seen it. Pretty awesome. Symmetry from Everynone on Vimeo.