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Our Family Trip to Brian and Gyll’s Wedding

Friday morning, in the middle of a heatwave on the east coast, we all piled into a suburban with no air conditioning on a drive to King of Prussia, just outside Philly… a drive which ended up taking us almost 9 hours due to traffic… for my cousin Brian’s wedding. Some photos from the drive… Once we arrived, we were
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Christmas Day on the Farm

Christmas Eve at Anne and Bruce’s

home to RI, dogs, RCB party, beach visit

Time to head home for the holidays! I was really happy that Chip and I were on the same flight. After going out to breakfast with Anna and her mom, we finished up our laundry, drank a mimosa, handed off my apartment key to Jack (thank you!) and caught the bus to the airport… My brother Clay picked us up
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Rhode Island in september – day 5 sunday the 16th

After my butterfly hunting adventure, I headed back to the beach house for some breakfast. Chip was there And Clay and Liz……having cheese, crackers and red wine for breakfast. Ha. Then Liz went home to get some stuff for the day. I went to pick her up and stopped by the bathroom by her house… Liz and I took a
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Rhode Island in september – day 4 saturday the 15th

I woke up at a little after 6:30am and remember Sue had told me the sunrises had been so beautiful right around 6:30. It was overcast, though, on Saturday morning, and I was a little late, so this is what I saw… All well. At least I had one more morning in the Rhode Island coming up. Anyways, it was
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Rhode Island in september – day 3 friday the 14th

I crashed the night before way earlier than Chip, so naturally I woke up much earlier… and then messed with him and took pictures until he woke up or responded. The night before at the Mist, Rose gave me such spot-on awesome birthday present – by the works on Makala and Jus… The morning was beautiful and the first thing
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Rhode Island in september – day 2 thursday the 13th

I love waking up at the beach. Even when it’s a little painful. I think I had a little too much fun the night before. So I whined to Chip who was in the next bunk bed over and eventually got out of bed. First trip was to Meagan’s house. Her dad was getting ready for his 60th birthday present
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Rhode Island in september – day 1 wednesday the 12th

Woke up on the farm. In fact the only morning of the whole trip that I woke up on the farm. To so much sunlight. And freshly-picked vegetables from my parent’s garden…I went to work with my dad for a bit. The barn is starting to rot close to the ground I believe, so they are rebuilding the framework basically.
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Last meal with the family in town, Chip’s rowdy crawfish party

First a little breakfast. I think my parents were hoping to do a little family meal since they were headed back to RI that afternoon, but quite a few people crashed at Chip’s the night before and came out to eat with us. So it was a bit of a party. Chip was in party mode all day. Somehow that
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