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Recovered Crackberry photos

The last of my crackberry photos… since last week I dropped my phone and broke it after a night of mayhem. So this are the missing photos from last week’s ticket madness at the Ocean Mist and Joyce’s pub. And with this post, there will be no new crackberry photos. I am looking for a small camera to compliment my
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Saturday Night – party under the christmas lights

It was really the one and only night I could rage before heading home to RI. And I was all about it. Here’s a little outline of the night: margaritas at petes beers and skate videos at my pad sake bombs and catch phrase at chip’s gross grove garys slamming long island ice teas at catacombs cause MK and thunder
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Trick Factory "year in review" painting

stage 1 stage 2 stage 3 final product:

Crackberry update

Glen just got on my case for slacking. Sorry there hasn’t been a post in awhile – I’m swamped with school and work and was without my camera as it took a trip to Nebraska with Chip. More is coming, but for an immediate update, here’s some photos that have been chilling on my phone… All the way back to
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Crackberry Leftovers

Forgot about these pictures.. Boulder on Fire Wallace loves when I make a mess. His favorite thing in the world is to sleep on every possible thing that I put down on either my bed, the table, the floor… whatever. He was in heaven on this particular day when I threw just about everything in my room on my bed
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Procrastination at its Finest

I have a test tomorrow morning at 8am. And it was such a beautiful day. Too amazing not to skate, but far too screwed not to work. So I’ve forced myself to sit in front of my computer with my notes scattered around me indoors… a nice mirage of good work ethic and motivation. Unfortunately I’ve done just about everything else
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Tuesday Adventure

After a long day of classes and building “levees” with some 9th and 10th graders on campus, I had to run back to Lafayette because I forgot my flash drive in the classroom I was working in the day before. In the end, the timing coincided perfectly with a session about to go down at the Lafayette park. Since it’s
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Seth Rocks

My brother Seth kills it every year with the raddest birthday presents. This year, he got me a legit vintage skateboard from the early 1960s.

Vivy's (fake) birthday – cake in the office

Love Vivy.

Saturday Adventure – Denver Mission

My brother Chip has told me he doesn’t look at this site. I hope that’s the case because I haven’t decided on a good excuse for skipping the football game and watching him run Ralphie. Regardless, Saturday is adventure day and it’s all or nothing. So skating it was. It was a day of Trick Factory and some time with
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