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Wastewater Treatment Fieldtrip – Denver Metro. part3

Wastewater Treatment Fieldtrip – Denver Metro. part2

Wastewater Treatment Fieldtrip – Denver Metro. part1

Completely Random

I seriously cannot remember the context at all, but sometime on either Friday night or Saturday, I was talking to someone about this book. I haven’t layed eyes on it in probably 20 years and didn’t know if I was even remembering it correctly… …then yesterday, I went over to my friend Jenn’s place and found it on her bookshelf.
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Being Materialistic

In the last month, I’ve gotten a lot of new stuff. Almost a little overwhelming, but I’m so psyched on all of it. A few things… New first bloods (to replace the old ones… that I would have seriously would have worn forever) New watch (shark watch…obviously) New trucks (and a sort of newish board and wheels) A Positive Creations
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some crackberry photos

Captain Chaos… Vivy! My new bike (in surgery) Denver mission. Earl 7-Eleven late night snuggle party Seth’s Boulder “Birthday” LP and Mandi serious moment. Seth! Chip and his roomies Gunnison.

Missing my camera…. and random life.

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I am really missing my camera. I haven’t gotten any more updates from the Geek Squad and the 2 weeks period that the guy at Best Buy said it would take has come and gone already. I’ve tried not to whine and cry about it, as best as possible, and instead,
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Real Birthday… and San Diego.

Yesterday (September 2nd) was my real birthday. The night before I wasn’t feeling it, but when I woke up I couldn’t help but get excited. I opened up the door and my roommate had put up a “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” banner across the top of the stair case. Sweet! Then off to school… By my third class I was getting antsy.
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Crackberry Randos.

I’ve gotten to the point where I have some random photos built up on my phone and it’s time to unload them.  So here we go… I visited LP in her lab one night. Here she is stirring her cauldron. I think her research has something to do with casting spells… I seem to run into raccoons a lot in
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Jealousy and a Sense of Humor

Jealousy… I really couldn’t help but be jealous when I heard on Friday that Baltimore was about to get hit by a blizzard. Ever since I could remember, I have always loved snow. The memories of playing in the snow, the white glistening beauty, and the association with snow days – a day off with no responsibilities. It’s actually a
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