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Escape from the Snow.

Warehouse ramp session. And a lovely array of super crappy quality photos. Some out of focus, lots blown out my a crappy flash. So wonderful. Love it. Enjoy. Woohoo. Well that’s when my camera died and saved this post from any more crappy photos. Sweet. As for me I did some pushing and kickturns, but that’s a secret! Ssshhhh.

Last Sunday Spot 1

Jack’s wallie

Some forgotten photos before I got bummed out…

First Olympus film photos

When I was home in RI a few months ago, I snagged an old camera that was sitting around my parent’s house. It has been quite a challenge since then. The first roll of film I had no problem loading, but it wasn’t until the second roll that I learned how to properly rewind the film. As a result, I
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An outing with Julian Bleecker

Julian flew into Denver on Saturday and was on his way to Breckenridge. Before he headed into the mountains, I met up with him for a little skate/photo mission. And today I was ecstatic to see he posted about the adventure. So, I figured I’d write my own little post and steal his photos from his post – hope you
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Denver, Cherry Creek area mission with Crisis team

the “_______” photos… 1st spot after a quick warmup, Chris fresh outta the car… Back on the road… After two more spots, it was time for lunch: Next up, barrier spot… Onto another spot… And then this thing… (sorry, there was a better one than this but I missed it, boohoo)

Sunday Session with Crisis and friends

*The photos in this post are super┬árepetitive. If it makes it boring or annoying, I’m sorry I guess… but maybe not since I did it on purpose* A loooong day. Fuzz told me to meet at Crisis at 10am. It was insanely hot the whole day, but somehow we survived. We spent the majority of the scorching hot portion of
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How to film skateboarding? Pentax Ad

I saw this on Jack’s blog so I stole it. Ha.

Denver mission with Nullers, camera only.

Just outside of Denver park… First up… manny spot. The sound from Glen that accompanied this bail is what makes this memory for me.   Tricks were made and time to move on. And that was that. First time cruising around Denver just to take photos… no skating. And still great times.

303 rampjam

Brian being…. Brian?   For Jack… …he was really stoked on the grip art. skating up rails is so “in” right now… …Earl’s into it too. Daryl skipped the bank and just ollied up instead Brian Fuzz killin’ Friends. My pal Jack.