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Seattle, New Jersey, and Rhode Island, in June

Seattle   New Jersey   Rhode Island

Cell phone photos from the first week in RI, July 2013 – Part 2

Continuing with the last post, on Block Island with Chip, Liz, and Cortney. Cortney was driving us around in his Verizon truck, and Liz and Chip were having some fun… We managed to catch the ferry in the nick of time… I was really excited about both my Lowcard whale hat and my Block Island whale sweatshirt…   Off the
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Rhode Island in the Summer – Week One

Monday was really a magical day. Liz, Chip and I had talked about going to Block Island, and it all seemed to work out too perfectly. We made it to the Ferry at the last possible moment to board… in fact the ferry was already moving by the time we made it to the stairs to make up to the
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Baltimore Trip

The Ridge… Joey, front blunt. New spot for me… Jack and Joey both killed it here… The Pirate/Privateer festival in Fells Point… Jack, kickflip to dock Jack, ollie to sketchiness Carl and Jack Styles, halfcab flip Carl, pole jam

Back to Boston – skate mission

Back to Boston and Charlie was down to skate. First got to skate Eggs.. (cell phone shots only) While at the gas station… And then the navy yard in Charlestown… I really like how the skater on the no skating sign looks like he might be doing a nose manny

Dan Corrigan! a bonus clip.

Just saw this posted on the fb. Haven’t seen or skated with Dan in over a year… crazy! But he was someone I got to skate a lot with when I lived in Baltimore… and damn, he rips. Also rad to see some tricks from Dakota!

Yea Dan!

East Coasters…

Focus skate video “Stay Focused” with parts from Florida, Baltimore, Boston, Philadelphia, and New York. You can vote for best part on the focus site. I’m all for Baltimore (obviously)  🙂 “Stay Focused” by Focus Skate Mag from Justin Heister on Vimeo.

An old friend…

Found this part on some random blog. It’s my friend Gab from Montreal who I used to skate and wreak havoc with back in my Mtl days. Check it out! …and photos and adventures from SF soon to come.

Dan rules.

More skateboarding! My friend Dan from Baltimore posted his part in Inspire Clothing’s video In Spite of Hard Times. He’s awesome, by the way. One of the most positive people I know, and everytime I was skate with him I always get a couple tricks on film… mostly because of his encouragement. (Meanwhile he gets about 15 lines/tricks on film
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