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Florida Vacation Part 1

I got to the place we were staying in Indian Rock Beach on Saturday night, just in time for an amazing sunset… Such a great start to a much needed vacation! The next day I drove to Tampa with my mom to upload my presentation for the conference at the Tampa Convention Center and check into my hotel in Tampa,
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Molly’s visit and our secret adventure

My cousin Molly came out to visit in early October. That Saturday morning, Chip came to meet us, and we picked up our cousin Coco for breakfast…   Mary Kate recommended we go to Brasserie 1010, and her biggest selling point to us was that we could draw on the table…   After breakfast, we dropped Coco off at a
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Makala and Jus’s wedding

Makala and Jus’s wedding was moved to midnight on Friday night. Earlier in the night, I had some wine with Sara on her back deck and Justin came to join us…   Then I met up with Meagan and Tom for a little impromptu photo shoot on a lifeguard chair…   And then it was time for the moon-lit ceremony
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In the middle of my RI visit, summer 2013

At the Ocean Mist with Barbara… And Clay and Seth too… There were even some surfers out, despite the lack of real waves… On that Tuesday night, my mom spent the night at the beach house with me, and I shot some slow exposure photos of the full moon…   And then got up the next morning to take some
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Cell phone photos from the first week in RI, July 2013 – Part 2

Continuing with the last post, on Block Island with Chip, Liz, and Cortney. Cortney was driving us around in his Verizon truck, and Liz and Chip were having some fun… We managed to catch the ferry in the nick of time… I was really excited about both my Lowcard whale hat and my Block Island whale sweatshirt…   Off the
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Rhode Island in the Summer – Week One

Monday was really a magical day. Liz, Chip and I had talked about going to Block Island, and it all seemed to work out too perfectly. We made it to the Ferry at the last possible moment to board… in fact the ferry was already moving by the time we made it to the stairs to make up to the
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Our Family Trip to Brian and Gyll’s Wedding

Friday morning, in the middle of a heatwave on the east coast, we all piled into a suburban with no air conditioning on a drive to King of Prussia, just outside Philly… a drive which ended up taking us almost 9 hours due to traffic… for my cousin Brian’s wedding. Some photos from the drive… Once we arrived, we were
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Saying Goodbye

My trip home to Rhode Island came a little earlier than planned, as my grandfather Grandpa Chet passed away on July 6th. He was 95 years old and was home in my parents’ house, surrounded by his family. I can’t imagine a better way to go. Chip and I caught a late night flight on July 10th, so we could
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Christmas Day on the Farm

Christmas Eve at Anne and Bruce’s