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Crisis Sundays, Ft. Collins and CO Springs

Starting at the Car Wash on a Crisis Sunday Session… Church on Sunday…       Met up with Glen, Derek and Riley one day at Sol… Derek with a dark blurry frontside flip attempt… And then to Spring Canyon, where Riley was blasting bonelesses… And I was failing at photography… (guess I didn’t think he was going to go
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Crisis, Rock Creek w/ Chris, Saturday with the girls

To start, out on a Crisis adventure, we saw the biggest snake I have ever seen in the wild in my entire life. Sadly I had my fish eye lens on, which was probably the worst lens to capture this beast, but if you look closely, you can see the snake in the photo below… Justin checking the set of
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Sessions from April: Park, Barrier and Bowls

  A mellow day at mini Arvada… Then some shots from the Good Times barrier. I was preparing for a battle, but success came sooner than expected. So when Glen showed up, I got to relax and take some photos… Omi stopped by for a bit also… And then, a day at Terrell’s… Chelsea took over on the camera for
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…and around and around…

skating makes my world go round

Baltimore Trip

The Ridge… Joey, front blunt. New spot for me… Jack and Joey both killed it here… The Pirate/Privateer festival in Fells Point… Jack, kickflip to dock Jack, ollie to sketchiness Carl and Jack Styles, halfcab flip Carl, pole jam

Mini Hike in Fort Collins and a Squirrel

Awhile back, Jack and I made a trip up to Fort Collins to drop of some Null boards. On the way up we found this… We fantasized¬†about the truck being closer and skating from the top of the truck into this giant ramp thing. Unfortunately it was meant for a car dealership to display cars and was built purposely to
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Just a little edit of me!

I keep forgetting to post this. I was originally gonna save it maybe or at least save some of the clips, but it’s out there.. so if you haven’t seen it… here it is. (Thanks Blaine!)

180 Nosegrind photo by Dean

I finally learned 180 nosegrinds to regular instead of falling off fakie. Ha. Here’s a photo by Dean… Thanks Dean!

A documentary about girl skaters… “Girls Just Wanna Grind”

I have been really terrible about checking my email for this site… but I guess I was emailed this video clip two months ago and asked to show my support by posting it. I’ll say up front that this is a totally different side of skating than what I know – I guess besides the fact that I skate and
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