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lomo fisheye roll 15.

… and the last roll ever from that particular camera. The little piece that rewinds the film broke off. boo. In fact, all my cameras are in pretty bad shape. Lots of use, too much abuse. Ah well, here’s the last set of fisheye photos for now… (until I make a new purchase) colorful fall trees after a downtown Denver
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lomo fisheye… roll 14 (i think)

Somewhere along the way I stopped keeping count. But I think this is roll #14… Heading to Denver At the Redline Gallery in Denver… Lunch at Ikea…Odessa, Lela and me. Exploring a boat on a Crisis Sunday… Colorado Springs…

lost fisheye photos from labor day weekend

(I was attempting to take a photo of the horrible bruise I had on my leg – didn’t show up too well in the photo though. It ran the entire length from my upper thigh/lower butt to the back of my knee. The back of my thigh still hasn’t healed all the way…)

KOTC 2011. Velveeta Underground Montage.

13+ minutes of solid gold. (or so I think!) Check it out…

KOTC 2011. Film photos

I pulled out the Olympus Friday morning/afternoon at the Longmont park. We were in the middle of a bump to ledge session… Bernie A few of Max… This photo cracks me up. Seriously looks like Max is stomping his board on the ledge. Glen is always stoked. I was frustrated and retired my board to resting on a ledge. Moving
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lomo fisheye roll 11

leaving a spot Kyle Fuzz one for my brother and my family me looking haggard with┬áinappropriately┬áripped shorts. all from the day’s skate mission. max me as a squid sean nila in red blur

lomo fisheye roll 10

On a bike ride… over foothills. There was a rainbow last week when we hit up K’s china… so rad. From last week’s Crisis mission… Will Typical… boo. Random… I’m gonna say that was an accidental shot. And why not to take photos with this camera when there’s not enough light…

lomo-fisheye rolls 7, 8, 9

Roll 7. This roll goes way back… starting with the day I skated with Fuzz and Chris Schwartz at the gas pump graveyard: Then from a Denver skate mission with Dean, Derek and Connor… Apparently the Nike team decided to bike lock some handrails they had already hit during King of the Road… … so if that’s the case, fuck
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lomo fisheye film photos – rolllllll 6

I think this was by far the best results I’ve had with this little plastic camera. I checked out the photos in reverse order (backwards sequentially) and liked them better that way, so I’m posting them the same. Here goes…

lomo fisheye film photos – roll 5

Starting with a session at Southern Hills… This day Max was killing it. Well I guess that might be all days, but this particular day he was attacking everything, including the short rail… Then some 420 shots in Boulder… (they all look exactly the same) The last few are from yesterday’s session… And then my roll of film was done.