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More crappy fisheye film photos – round 3 and 4

Beginning a little ways back… can’t even remember how long ago this Denver session was. Late January I believe… This next photo is a personal mystery… If anyone has any idea who is in this photo or where this photo was taken, please let me know… I’m super curious. Actually, I think it might be Mandi from the day we
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Crappy fisheye photos. Round II

I guess I didn’t really learn anything from my first roll of film. Ha. These are probably far worse, but whatever. I can’t help but love the crappiness. as for my other film camera, I swear there will eventually be a roll of film that makes it. If I can manage to not screw up again… 3rd times a charm,
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New camera #2

I’ve been missing film a little bit lately, even though shooting digital is probably the best thing ever. But still… So I actually just bought two new film cameras. Apparently I forgot how to load film over the last four years of shooting with only digital, so my first roll from the first camera didn’t come out. So here’s my
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