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It was SUCH an honor to be represented on campus by Tiffany Read. The original photo was taken by Jack Spanbauer. So cool! Got to see Tiffany’s exhibit in Denver, which included many other awesome paintings of her “Shred Divas”.   Back in the Fall, before the weather officially turned to winter, I went on a hike with Margaret, Christine,
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A Saturday with the crew

I met up with Glen, Ollie, Rob, Neil, Blake, and Lazer on campus. I had just hurt my elbow and was set on just rolling and taking photos and nothing more than that. Almost immediately after meeting up with everyone, we were asked to leave every spot on campus. Nicely, though. Ha. We went to Casey for a bit, and
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May! Skating, Anna’s goodbye, Chris Dyer’s visit, etc.

Jack boosting at a early morning Northglenn session… Later that day was Anna’s going-away party and Zac’s bday party, which they combined into one big drunken bar crawl through Denver… Bye Anna! And then, a Crisis session on a HOT day… And lastly for this post, my friend Chris Dyer from Montreal came to Denver for a solo art show.
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Halloween 2012

Halloween! I originally wasn’t that into Halloween this year, especially with it falling on a Wednesday. But Odessa had a good idea for costumes (one that was pretty popular this idea, from what I saw) and she insisted that I fro out my hair. So we got to work on our costumes as soon as we got home from campus
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Free First Saturday at the Denver Art Museum with Odessa

Odessa and I went to the Free First Saturday at the Denver Art Museum in October…Later we went to the Mile High Horror Film Festival and the Denver Film Center…

New cell phone photo dump

Well since I lost my phone about a month ago at Invesco field (apparently now Sports Authority field) at Mile High, I got a new phone – the exact same type of phone, actually. And luckily I had another micro 8 gig memory card from when I bought an adapter for the last one. So even though I was most
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Through Leslie’s lens… Crisis 1-year anniversary art show, cornhole, RMNP field trip

I asked Leslie if I could steal some of her photos from the night of the Crisis 1-year anniversary art show and our mountain adventure the next day. I’m really excited about the art show photos because I took so few that night, and also, it’s kinda cool to see photos that I’m in. And photos of me taking photos.
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Crisis Art Show

Wow, maybe the best night I’ve had in awhile. And the best time I’ve had in awhile. I’m hoping to eventually steal some photos from Leslie to add to the few that I took. I was mostly just loked out the whole night (for which I’m sorry to anyone who had to deal with me in that state – Jason
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Crisis 1-Year Anniversary Party + Art Party + Lowcard #40 Release Party

My roommate’s website

My new roommate Alex is pretty rad. He’s an artist and wants to work for Cartoon Network. And it just so happens that I love cartoons and Cartoon Network… so it works. ¬†Anyways, check out his website… he does some cool stuff: