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Almost spring skate sessions

The first set of photos is actually just a Sunday lurk mission. Skating was our intention, but it was crazy windy and Jack and I aren’t big fans of the wind. So we went on a mission to find wonderful spots that Jason had described to us. And took a lovely little walk in the process…   The ditch turned
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Birds and sunset, Coco’s visit, skating Boulder spots, Wallace and Grom’s Birthday, Pueblo trip

Sometimes I bring my camera to skate sessions thinking I might take some skate photos. Instead, I actually skate the whole time and only pull my camera out for something like this…   One Saturday, Coco came to visit!   So much fun! Jack and I have had some short Boulder skate sessions before the sun goes down (can’t wait
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Rampy session, pole jam session, pho session

My first session on rampy with pool coping. A quick session with Jack and Glen. The pool coping idea is pretty awesome, but the dust from the grinding pool coping and paint is a little hard for to bear. Fun, but breathing becomes a little difficult…   And then a session with Jack at the Louisville Tech Center. Possibly the
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Skating with Connor, Blaine, and Jack

First, we started at the baseball field ledge… Connor’s request. I got quite a few photos of Connor ollying a trash can as part of his line… Then to Boulder to meet up with Jack and for me to jump a down a little gap. Then some goofing around down the street… And even once the sun went down, we
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A few skate sessions in late November

Here’s three days of skate sessions to begin my attempt at catching this blog up to speed… Starting with a session in downtown Denver with Glen, Skelly and Mike. Skelly’s line went like this:   Pretty awesome! Then there was this dude… This session happened to be the same day as the Pretty Sweet premier. I took a few photos
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Saturday session in mid November TF+

We started the day at Dave Fuller’s ramp in Longmont. A decent-sized crew… Then we went to check out this spot… pretty cool, but we got kicked out immediately… So we moved on to another spot. I got really distracted by the sky divers though.. Such an awesome crew, good day. Thanks dudes!

Rampy poolcoping remodel

Rampy got a little remodeling done – a trade out of steel coping for pool coping. I came over and did some work with Glen and Skelly…

Four hours at one ledge

Glen: Jack: Me:

Second half of October. skating, pumpkins, pho, video premier, water park

On a Saturday in mid October, Glen and I made our way to campus to skate around. Before we got moving, though, I had him take some photos of me using the new skateboard racks outside of the ITLL, the building I work in. The building is trying to prevent students from having skateboards in the building (especially long boards)
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Fuzz and Leslie got married!! The Wedding Day

It could not have been a more beautiful day, with more perfect weather. The ceremony on Flagstaff was so simply perfect. After leaving the ceremony, Jack and I dropped off a few people, ran a few errands, and then joined the main crew at Southern Sun. Well, just in time for them to leave to head over to Glen’s house.
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