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Saturday. Null skate session and Crisis kiddie premier

Well I’m officially only a week and half behind on my blog now – pretty amazing. All these photos are from Saturday July 28th. The day started out with an awesome breakfast with Jason (and Lindy for a bit before she had to run to work) at Walnut Cafe. It got a little rushed though when I realized it was
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Hey Gullfriend! Meagan’s Boulder visit

Meagan came to visit Boulder over a weekend in late June. And oh man, it was so much fun! (And Sara, we missed you!!) Most of these pics are party pics, which might be a little misleading. We started strong on Friday night and seriously took it easy for the rest of the weekend… but I took the far majority
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Sightseeing, skating and such. Part 2 of The epic Cali roadtrip 2012.

Well, we made it! Thursday morning, Jack and I woke up in Oakland to the smell of freshly brewed coffee and breakfast sausage cooking. Jack opted for sleeping a little longer while I had an awesome breakfast with Gordon and Sandy. The first destination for the day was to Gordo’s Plaid Again Warehouse… Gordon built a ramp in the back
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Last meal with the family in town, Chip’s rowdy crawfish party

First a little breakfast. I think my parents were hoping to do a little family meal since they were headed back to RI that afternoon, but quite a few people crashed at Chip’s the night before and came out to eat with us. So it was a bit of a party. Chip was in party mode all day. Somehow that
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Friday Night (Illegal Pete’s, the Attic) Adventure

I got a little wild last night… not quite sure why exactly, but it was a blast. It was a 90’s night at Illegal Pete’s with the Black Dots and a dirty few (I believe is the name of the opening band). Mucho fun.¬† Fun times. I even made the walk home all the way from the attic to 30th
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Brian’s Party Pics

Happy New Years 2012… back in Colorado

There is absolutely nothing better than coming home to a present. Especially something fun… And coming home to the cats is pretty awesome too. This guy was stoked… I had a few awesome invites for New Years, and to be honest, I wish I could have done them all at the same time. I would have loved to spend the
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Ipath in Boulder Part 2. Post-demo, Dark Horse.

The sun set and the Boulder Park demo ended. Still Ryan couldn’t stop skating and found something to drop in on…We all just hung around the park for a bit… Finally it was time to make moves. Off to the Dark Horse… And guess who just happened to be there tonight…F’n wee man. Go figure. Jack was stoked. I made
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Rocky Horror Picture Show. Friday night fun.

Before Friday I had never been to Rocky Horror Picture Show, never even seen the movie. I remember being intrigued as a kid, and then my curiosity was again piqued when I read a book back in December called The Perks of Being a Wallflower. In the book, the kids went every week, I think, and were the live performers while
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Dave & Kate’s wedding

Maybe eventually I’ll fill in between the pictures with some writing. But right now I’m just so eager to post this. Congratulations Dave & Kate. Beautiful, amazing, fun wedding. I love my family.