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My roommate’s website

My new roommate Alex is pretty rad. He’s an artist and wants to work for Cartoon Network. And it just so happens that I love cartoons and Cartoon Network… so it works.  Anyways, check out his website… he does some cool stuff:

xkcd love

still one of my favorite sites ever:

xkcd faves

a few of my favorite posts from one of my favorite sites… so good… and so much more at (i’m not quite sure why i’m not seeing how to add a link… but over trying. there’s a link on the right anyways)

New blog!

check it out:

My New Favorite Site…

So I seriously got so hyped on this photo blog when I first checked it out, and the fact that there’s a sequence of me on it now just added to the hype. Patrick takes the best photos. Check it out: my sequence


I LOVE this website, but I haven’t been to it in probably 2 years. It’s a “webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math and language”. What could be better? I was first introduced to it by my friend Alia, and I must have always used a link from somewhere to go to it. From never typing in the address, I completely forgot
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Best Website Ever…?

I suppose it’s up for debate, but I was sold the minute I heard about it. Anyways, to back up for a minute, I went out tonight with my friends LP and Mandi, and new friend Cameron to celebrate the success of LP’s fundraising event Be Hope To Her (photos and story will be in the next post…). While out
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Some comic relief

Check this out! My friend Will writes this comic and it’s rad. Show him some support and check out the link below 🙂 here’s an example: