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180 Nosegrind photo by Dean

I finally learned 180 nosegrinds to regular instead of falling off fakie. Ha. Here’s a photo by Dean… Thanks Dean!

Relaxed Crisis Sunday

We found a boat… And we found a wall ride… Thanks to Will for taking some photos of me.

An outing with Julian Bleecker

Julian flew into Denver on Saturday and was on his way to Breckenridge. Before he headed into the mountains, I met up with him for a little skate/photo mission. And today I was ecstatic to see he posted about the adventure. So, I figured I’d write my own little post and steal his photos from his post – hope you
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Roxborough Trick Factory session

After our “camping” experience in Jason’s backyard and a delicious breakfast at our favorite obscure Boulder spot, Brian, Neil, Fuzz and I made our way out to Roxborough. And even despite a little rain, sprinklers going off on the park, flyout kids and scooters, we still had a rad time. And a few photos as evidence… Neil. bank to bank
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lomo fisheye roll 11

leaving a spot Kyle Fuzz one for my brother and my family me looking haggard with┬áinappropriately┬áripped shorts. all from the day’s skate mission. max me as a squid sean nila in red blur

Saturday sessions with Null & Meta

Saturday morning started early… 10am at Glen’s place. Bernie and Max came with and we met up with Monico and Matthew at Community. We entered the game of SKATE but got antsy so we left after our own warm up game before the 14&unders finished their division. First spot of the day was actually just across the street from Community,
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lomo-fisheye rolls 7, 8, 9

Roll 7. This roll goes way back… starting with the day I skated with Fuzz and Chris Schwartz at the gas pump graveyard: Then from a Denver skate mission with Dean, Derek and Connor… Apparently the Nike team decided to bike lock some handrails they had already hit during King of the Road… … so if that’s the case, fuck
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4th of July weekend

I think there’ll be some fisheye photos coming soon as well, but here’s what I have from the nikon and my cell phone… The Actual 4th On the farm…. Budweiser and guns. Happy 4th of July. me! shooting in a dress we planted an eggplant garden Dinner and Fireworks at the beach Breakfast at the Mist (where else?!) with Liz
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Cell phone beach shot

New Photos by Dean Barnes

I am honored to have been given permission to post some new photos of myself and Connor Grosh that were taken by photographer Dean Barnes. So here they are… Thanks so much Dean!