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Cell phone photos from the first week in RI, July 2013 – Part 2

Continuing with the last post, on Block Island with Chip, Liz, and Cortney. Cortney was driving us around in his Verizon truck, and Liz and Chip were having some fun… We managed to catch the ferry in the nick of time… I was really excited about both my Lowcard whale hat and my Block Island whale sweatshirt…   Off the
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Cell phone photos from the first week in RI, July 2013 – Part 1

Starting with the Denver Airport. Chip and I were flying home together and our flight got delayed a few hours. So we ended up having a few beers at a bar… Finally made it to the gate… and on the plane… We flew to Rhode Island early for Grandpa Chet’s funeral, so that was how we spent our first day
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Rhode Island in the Summer – Week One

Monday was really a magical day. Liz, Chip and I had talked about going to Block Island, and it all seemed to work out too perfectly. We made it to the Ferry at the last possible moment to board… in fact the ferry was already moving by the time we made it to the stairs to make up to the
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Saying Goodbye

My trip home to Rhode Island came a little earlier than planned, as my grandfather Grandpa Chet passed away on July 6th. He was 95 years old and was home in my parents’ house, surrounded by his family. I can’t imagine a better way to go. Chip and I caught a late night flight on July 10th, so we could
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Winter Vacation on the East Coast

The day after Christmas I went out to lunch with my dad and some of his friends. Of course the dogs came for the ride… Pretty awesome dogs. Later I met up with Liz and headed down to the Mist with Molly, Ali and JC. We met up with the rest of the crew there. Yay for wing night at
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Christmas Day on the Farm

Christmas Eve at Anne and Bruce’s

home to RI, dogs, RCB party, beach visit

Time to head home for the holidays! I was really happy that Chip and I were on the same flight. After going out to breakfast with Anna and her mom, we finished up our laundry, drank a mimosa, handed off my apartment key to Jack (thank you!) and caught the bus to the airport… My brother Clay picked us up
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Rhode Island in september – day 5 sunday the 16th

After my butterfly hunting adventure, I headed back to the beach house for some breakfast. Chip was there And Clay and Liz……having cheese, crackers and red wine for breakfast. Ha. Then Liz went home to get some stuff for the day. I went to pick her up and stopped by the bathroom by her house… Liz and I took a
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Rhode Island in september – day 5 saturday the 16th. Butterfly hunting.

I was on a photo mission on my last day on the beach. Besides the sunrise, I really wanted to take pictures of the butterflies. I’ve never seen so many monarch butterflies anywhere in my entire life. And never this many before in Matunuck. They flew all round my beach house, the dunes, the beach. When I was in the
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