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Graduation! May 2016

Graduation!!!!   I actually wasn’t quite finished with school at this point, but I walked in the May graduation. (By the way, I am finished now and I even have my diploma in hand!! PhD!) And Odessa and I had a grad party! An example of the handmade invites… On our way to pick up our graduation robes/gowns, tassels, puffy
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Fluids in Color

We watched this canon advertisement in my fluid mechanics class. I thought it was pretty rad, so figured I share it with whoever happens to look at this site…

Stream Ecology Field Study

Vivy's (fake) birthday – cake in the office

Love Vivy.

Wastewater Treatment Fieldtrip – Denver Metro. part3

Wastewater Treatment Fieldtrip – Denver Metro. part2

Wastewater Treatment Fieldtrip – Denver Metro. part1

Completely Random

I seriously cannot remember the context at all, but sometime on either Friday night or Saturday, I was talking to someone about this book. I haven’t layed eyes on it in probably 20 years and didn’t know if I was even remembering it correctly… …then yesterday, I went over to my friend Jenn’s place and found it on her bookshelf.
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Stream Ecology Field Trip

When I found out that my stream ecology class was going to have two Saturday field trips, I was extremely bitter. Our first one was yesterday, and we all had to meet at the INSTAAR parking lot by 5:30am. Running on about 3 hours of sleep, I was not feeling too hot yesterday morning. I tried to grab some breakfast
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Just Another Hot Summer Week in CO

I think it’s been over 90 every single day. Joy. I really miss Matunuck. Every morning I wake up and keep straining to hear some waves crashing and to know I can just roll out of bed and into the ocean. But no… I just roll out of bed in my bedroom which is easily 90 degrees all the time
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