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Baltimore Trip

The Ridge… Joey, front blunt. New spot for me… Jack and Joey both killed it here… The Pirate/Privateer festival in Fells Point… Jack, kickflip to dock Jack, ollie to sketchiness Carl and Jack Styles, halfcab flip Carl, pole jam

Baltimore Trip in phone photos

Our trip began at 3:30 am. That’s important to note when you see this first photo (waiting for the shuttle in the Pike’s Peak lot at the Denver airport… Somewhere near Dallas TX… The next morning in Hampden… First breakfast was at the Golden West. Then off to the Ridge… Joey was there. We skated a street spot, then off
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Tony Massey

Just saw this posted on the LowCard site and apparently they found it on the Slap site. Knew this guy when I lived in Baltmore and he was always so rad. So yea, hyped to see this clip…

All blunts video from Baltimore

Puff Puff Pass… with my Bmore son and the Vu crew.

RIP ridge.

Throughout the last week or so, I’ve seen the most depressing videos and photos of the ridge. The ridge was a foundation spot just north of the city in Baltimore, with different levels and so many awesome things that people built there over the years. It was also a cool spot to skate, and everyone always seemed to leave us
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Baltimore Trip

I completely failed at taking photos, so I’ll try my best to keep the story-telling short and sweet. On Thursday, I met Gabe at Vu. Both Gary and Chris (owners of the skateshop) were there plus some other familiar faces. Instead of skating, Gabe and I went across the street to Dead Freddies to get some food. Luckily I got
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Rhode Island to Baltimore

As always, my vacation is flying by way too fast. Leaving Rhode Island was more difficult than I expected. I always feel like I never get to spend enough time at home. My last day went by like a whirl wind. I ended up running into my friend Justin and his girlfriend Paige in the airport, and they ended up
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From the land of pleasant living…

…best present ever! This is why Gordon rocks. He went to Baltimore for Thanksgiving and brought back the best possible thing: Natty Boh!

Transistion Part II

Moving is such a funny thing. I was so busy for so long, the time just drifted by… yet all of sudden, over a month later, I find myself experiencing waves of something similar to homesickness. Really I can’t say that I miss one particular home, just moments in a different time of my life. Even as these unpleasant pangs
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Transistion. Part I

So, it has been forever since my last post… my only excuse is that I have been far too busy with my own adventures to take even the slightest break to document it. I’m going to attempt to summarize my last month, but I know I’m way too long-winded for that… but here goes: The last full weekend I spent
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