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This Saturday, February 25th 2017, we lost a one of a kind soul. Jason Heidecker was like no other, with a truly unique sense of humor and spirit. He was one of my first friends in Colorado, one of the Trick Factory. He never turned down an invite to the ol’ Gary’s Bar, danced with me at the Scumdowner, and
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Final days in SF. Part 4 of The epic Cali roadtrip 2012.

On Tuesday we met up with the Crisis kiddos that happened to be in SF while we were there. We picked them up at DLX, brought them to Eagle Donuts for some delicious breakfast sandwiches and then headed out to Treasure Island. Our first spot was the “skate park” there… The Crisis kiddos…Justin, Blaine and Keenan Keenan was feeling super
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Weekend tours with Gordon. Part 3 of The epic Cali roadtrip 2012.

Gordon ended up taking the weekend off from work to act as our “skate tourguide”. Pretty damn rad. We started Saturday in the Oakland area, since I had to be back to shower, change and head to an engagement party mid-afternoon. The first few spots he took us to were just for sight-seeing, although we did say we would come
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Sightseeing, skating and such. Part 2 of The epic Cali roadtrip 2012.

Well, we made it! Thursday morning, Jack and I woke up in Oakland to the smell of freshly brewed coffee and breakfast sausage cooking. Jack opted for sleeping a little longer while I had an awesome breakfast with Gordon and Sandy. The first destination for the day was to Gordo’s Plaid Again Warehouse… Gordon built a ramp in the back
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LowCard Ramp Session – TF in SF 2011

Yes! I could not be more psyched. LowCard just posted an edit from our session on the ramp at the LowCard Headquarters from the Trick Factory trip to SF back in early March. Check it… Crisis In SF… from lowcard magazine on Vimeo.

Cell phone gems

I recently got an adapter that will work with the micro SD card I have. The same one from my old “crackberry”, with all those amazing photos. Since I left the smart phone era and traveled back in time slightly, I’ve still been trying to document life on the regular. Unfortunately my new phone makes me actually save the photos
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More crappy fisheye film photos – round 3 and 4

Beginning a little ways back… can’t even remember how long ago this Denver session was. Late January I believe… This next photo is a personal mystery… If anyone has any idea who is in this photo or where this photo was taken, please let me know… I’m super curious. Actually, I think it might be Mandi from the day we
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San Fran trip 2011 – Day 6

Last day in SF. Time flies. To keep with tradition, a trip to Eagle Donuts was a necessity… ¬†Best bagel sandwich.¬† One more shot… Nate also had to get some photographic evidence of his amazing bagel sandwich. Fuzz was stoked too. After our last delicious bagel sandwich for who knows how long, we headed back to Gordon’s to find a
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San Fran trip 2011 – Day 5 (part 2)

The highly anticipated eating contest. Trash talking had been going back and forth from day 1. Points could be scored by eating chili dogs and drinking beer… but only a max of one beer per chili dog. No standing up. First to bail and leave the table had to take a shot of hot tub water – and considering how
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San Fran trip 2011 – Day 5 (part 1)

Monday came with sun shining and me in better shape than the rest of the crew. I thought I wouldn’t be able to skate though – my body was still aching, but a delicious breakfast compliments of Gordon and some medical assistance from Fauver got me back on my feet… and my board. Our skate crew for the day: Fauver,
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