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Crisis Montage at Broomfield

We made this clip for the town of Broomfield…. to show that skaters can take pride in their park and clean it up. It was at a time when the town had decided to not turn on the lights at the park, because they were frustrated with the constant trash all over the place. Fuzz spoke at the town council
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Just a little edit of me!

I keep forgetting to post this. I was originally gonna save it maybe or at least save some of the clips, but it’s out there.. so if you haven’t seen it… here it is. (Thanks Blaine!)

New Crisis edit by Blaine

KOTC 2011. Velveeta Underground Montage.

13+ minutes of solid gold. (or so I think!) Check it out…

x-games women’s practice

X Games 17 Women’s Practice from on Vimeo.

DIY spot clip by Kevin

SKATE for MS video

Evidence that I have landed a flatground heelflip… … and the most awkward kickflip ever. Ha.

Dan Corrigan! a bonus clip.

Just saw this posted on the fb. Haven’t seen or skated with Dan in over a year… crazy! But he was someone I got to skate a lot with when I lived in Baltimore… and damn, he rips. Also rad to see some tricks from Dakota!

LowCard Ramp Session – TF in SF 2011

Yes! I could not be more psyched. LowCard just posted an edit from our session on the ramp at the LowCard Headquarters from the Trick Factory trip to SF back in early March. Check it… Crisis In SF… from lowcard magazine on Vimeo.

Tony Massey

Just saw this posted on the LowCard site and apparently they found it on the Slap site. Knew this guy when I lived in Baltmore and he was always so rad. So yea, hyped to see this clip…