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Asiplanchaba Valencia Tour 2011

I tried to get a code to embed this video but no such luck. It’s worth checking out though if you want to see some girls that rip. click here!!! skaters include Lorena Lima, Andrea Benitez, Dezbi, Clara Ferre, Kate Shengeliya and Ianire Elorriaga.

quick Gravette clip


Leticia Bufoni

Just saw this clip. I think whoever edited it went a little over board and it’s a tiny bit over-dramatic for me, but she still rips…

(Reluctantly) Back to the grind

Spring break is over… not too bummed cause I barely noticed it was going on. ha. My first post-break assignment is due tomorrow morning and I wasn’t really psyched about working on it… so I exercised my procrastination and time-wasting skills to the max today. If life was only measured by how much time can be wasting in front of
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How to film skateboarding? Pentax Ad

I saw this on Jack’s blog so I stole it. Ha.

All blunts video from Baltimore

Puff Puff Pass… with my Bmore son and the Vu crew.

Trying to keep my head above water…

…really sums it up. I’m inches away from drowning in just about every aspect of my life. I’m behind in everything and don’t feel like I’ve had enough time to put into each of my classes, my work, skating, and even this blog. I also have already broken my promise to myself about making it up to the mountains to
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So I stumbled upon the Baltimoron section of the Trick Factory video Off the Couch on the Baltimore Skateboarding blog ( and found it on youtube so I could be a copy cat and put it on my blog. Plus I’m in it! Yay me!

Video Sampling…

I’ve been watching the meta skate/zombie video Turd Merchants of Death a lot lately since Lazer gave me a copy last week. I tried to check youtube to see if there were any individual parts posted, but instead it appears that meta just posted a 10 minute segment from the movie. So here’s the sampling of the video for anyone
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Ode to Gabe

I promised Gabe that I would blog about how rad he is, seeing how I owe my skating and social life here in Colorado to his encouragement and connections. So this post is dedicated to Gabe. Unfortunately I don’t actually possess any photos of Gabe… I’m super bitter that I never saved the amazing picture he sent to me post
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