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February 2015 in iPhone photos – lots of snow and some other stuff


Baltimore Trip in phone photos

Our trip began at 3:30 am. That’s important to note when you see this first photo (waiting for the shuttle in the Pike’s Peak lot at the Denver airport… Somewhere near Dallas TX… The next morning in Hampden… First breakfast was at the Golden West. Then off to the Ridge… Joey was there. We skated a street spot, then off
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Snow Day (in a new home)

Just some photos of snow.

First Snow of the Season in Boulder

It started snowing Tuesday night and didn’t stop til mid-day on Wednesday. Here’s what it looked like behind my building…

Wednesday – Snow Again

First snow of the season

It may just be a dusting, but the message is clear. It’s that time. First snow of the season, yet also first hot tub session of the season. And that says it all… it’s time to get my pass. [side note: it’s almost 10 days into November and I’m still surviving. only 1 serious breakdown including utter panic and crying
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May in Colorado (and a Canadian memory)

So much for Chip’s so called K’s China (May)mester. Apparently my brother Chip spent his past few May months on the roof on K’s China, baking in the sun and drinking cheap beer. Well, my first May in Boulder, Colorado is a slightly different story. Besides the fact that I’m working round the clock because I fell behind on my
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Jealousy and a Sense of Humor

Jealousy… I really couldn’t help but be jealous when I heard on Friday that Baltimore was about to get hit by a blizzard. Ever since I could remember, I have always loved snow. The memories of playing in the snow, the white glistening beauty, and the association with snow days – a day off with no responsibilities. It’s actually a
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Effing Cold Week. In review.

It was so cold this week! I seriously could not help missing Montreal when the weather dropped below 0 degrees F (about -18 C) for about 3 or 4 days straight. Some weather forcasts even claimed that it “felt” as cold as -20 F (-29 C). It was so cold that my cats Wallace and Grommit, who are brother and
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