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This Saturday, February 25th 2017, we lost a one of a kind soul. Jason Heidecker was like no other, with a truly unique sense of humor and spirit. He was one of my first friends in Colorado, one of the Trick Factory. He never turned down an invite to the ol’ Gary’s Bar, danced with me at the Scumdowner, and
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Saturday session in mid November TF+

We started the day at Dave Fuller’s ramp in Longmont. A decent-sized crew… Then we went to check out this spot… pretty cool, but we got kicked out immediately… So we moved on to another spot. I got really distracted by the sky divers though.. Such an awesome crew, good day. Thanks dudes!

Memorial Weekend for Jam (Jeremiah Brooks)

Let’s see… where to begin. A friend of mine, a Trick Factory member, part of the Boulder (and beyond) skate family, etc., etc., passed away a few weeks ago. I think I’m still in denial… and actually the more I think about it, I feel like I’m still in denial about other friends I’ve lost years ago. Maybe that’s just
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raccoons, photos by blaine, rock creek… and a few randoms

This post includes photos from the last week of June til the first weekend of July. A lot of randoms in the mix! First up, a sunset on the night of Sunday June 24th. Glen and I had just skated rock creek for a bit and were heading to a bbq/pictionary party at John’s. … pretty awesome. A few days
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mid-June skate sessions

It’s been a long time since I’ve been slacking this hard – both in taking photos and in posting. So much so that I’m able to put almost a month’s worth (ehh or a week or so) of skate photos in one post. It’s about time that I started playing catch up, so here we go… First couple are from
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Friday Night (Illegal Pete’s, the Attic) Adventure

I got a little wild last night… not quite sure why exactly, but it was a blast. It was a 90’s night at Illegal Pete’s with the Black Dots and a dirty few (I believe is the name of the opening band). Mucho fun.  Fun times. I even made the walk home all the way from the attic to 30th
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Brian’s Party Pics

A day of Jason spots with the Nullers

On Sunday we all met up at Glen’s house with a loose plan in mind. The wind was blowing hard (in all meanings of the word), so we picked Valmont as our first spot of the day. Jack, starting things off the Null crew Max Jason and Glen Some attempts by Chad… Jack, about to do some late shuvvvin… Josh
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Last Weekend in Boulder for 2011

Tomorrow I’m heading home to RI… can’t wait to see family and friends. and ocean. and stuff like that. But at least life here in Colorado still rules. Even in the cold. On Saturday there was a purpose for our trip to Denver… but it turned into a super relaxed cruiser session through downtown. Starting at this fountain/pool spot… And
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Just another Sunday. Camera and a board.

I got home super late Saturday night after a fun Black Dots show in Denver… and an equally entertaining performance by Glen. Ahh, good times. Either way, it made it pretty difficult to wake up Sunday morning. So, as usual, I was late to meet up. In fact, I was a little curious about what would happen when I arrived
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