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Escape from the Snow.

Warehouse ramp session. And a lovely array of super crappy quality photos. Some out of focus, lots blown out my a crappy flash. So wonderful. Love it. Enjoy. Woohoo. Well that’s when my camera died and saved this post from any more crappy photos. Sweet. As for me I did some pushing and kickturns, but that’s a secret! Ssshhhh.

Late late night at Crisis

Halloween Havoc 2011

Glen the skate dad serious skate dad Fuzz as a convict character from Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure (I admit I hadn’t watched this movie in years and only quickly scanned through it to see if I could pull off a character, so I didn’t catch the name of this character) Fuzz and Fuzz Crisis kiddies tennis racket board I think Brian’s
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Through Leslie’s lens… Crisis 1-year anniversary art show, cornhole, RMNP field trip

I asked Leslie if I could steal some of her photos from the night of the Crisis 1-year anniversary art show and our mountain adventure the next day. I’m really excited about the art show photos because I took so few that night, and also, it’s kinda cool to see photos that I’m in. And photos of me taking photos.
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Mountain Adventure (field trip on a short bus)

We woke up at Fuzz’s house and the first mission was to get coffee… What a fun morning-after photo and another one! Brian too. Our driver for the whole day – and long day with a lot of driving. We eventually made it to breakfast… where we saw a cute little car on the way out… We piled on to
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Friday Sunrise Session at Northglen

Think maybe Fuzz thought I was joking when I asked to be a part of this session. But after asking a few times, I made it there bright and early. First things first, off to Jus Burritos for some breakfast. We were greeted with a new challenge upon returning to the van. Apparently it decided to die on us. Neil
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Thursday at the Dark Horse (Glen photos)

Just by chance figured out people were heading to the Dark Horse. Perfect, right by my place. Glen picked up my camera and took a few shots of us at the Dark Horse last Thursday… Me (and the new lowcard) Me again, with a frightening background shot Gordo and Sandy! Leslie 🙂 Fuzz Leslie with the new lowcard Brian smashing,
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Ipath in Boulder Part 1. Fred Gall, Jaws, and team meet El Vortex.

I found El Vortex, with Neil and Lazer, waiting on the hill for the Ipath team, specifically Fred Gall. He seemed annoyed. We waited… and then a few Ipathers started to show up. Putting a front to Jon Goemann. Mike Marks showed up and El Vortex was still talking shit. Here, entertaining Ryan Reyes and Jaws. Ehh, I guess Ryan
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Winter Park with Trick Factory and Ipath

Headed up to Winter Park with the Trick Factory in Brian’s new pimp-mobile shagwagon van. We met up with Kyle and Turtle from the Fort, who had already found a campsite and had a fire going. It got COLD that night… and we got rowdy. Good thing cause the Ipath van didn’t show up til around 5am. I realized I
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KOTC 2011. Velveeta Underground Montage.

13+ minutes of solid gold. (or so I think!) Check it out…