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Halloween Weekend – Saturday

Dim Sum Halloween Havoc Nighttiming

Vivy's (fake) birthday – cake in the office

Love Vivy.

some crackberry photos

Captain Chaos… Vivy! My new bike (in surgery) Denver mission. Earl 7-Eleven late night snuggle party Seth’s Boulder “Birthday” LP and Mandi serious moment. Seth! Chip and his roomies Gunnison.

Missing my camera…. and random life.

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I am really missing my camera. I haven’t gotten any more updates from the Geek Squad and the 2 weeks period that the guy at Best Buy said it would take has come and gone already. I’ve tried not to whine and cry about it, as best as possible, and instead,
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Summer Daze

This week flew by so fast I can barely remember what I’ve been up to. I left off last time with waking up for the USA soccer game Wednesday morning…. which was an amazing game! Stressful, but such a good ending. And more lab bonding time since we all met up at 8am in the lab to watch the game
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