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Just another Monday night at home (pizza, etc.)

After a productive morning and afternoon, Odessa convinced me to go to the store… turning into a mission to make pizza complemented with beer, wine, and even flavored vodka drinks. Jack came over to help make pizza (well, that part was a surprise), drink beer and document our (epico? epopea?)┬ánight via photos on my camera. First thing first… in a
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Snow Day (in a new home)

Wallace and the Bug

Recently, a bug decided to move into my bedroom. This bug is a particularly social bug, and likes to crawl all over my desk and laptop when I’m working in my room. I’m pretty sure it even tried to crawl on me when I was falling asleep last night, which did not go over well. My cat Wallace used to
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Wallace photos by Jack

Found these photos on my camera… all credit to Jack. And Wallace.

Cat Massage

First, watch the video if you haven’t seen it… Amazing. Well we wanted to test our own skills and see if we had the ‘touch of a fairy’. Here’s Jack performing the ‘breast-stroke’ massage on Wallace… Despite the hype from the video, I don’t think Wallace appreciated this. Ha!

Happy belated to my little ones…

So not to sound like a crazy cat lady or anything, but I have to make a post dedicated to my kitties because yesterday was Wallace and Grommit’s 5th birthday. Unfortunatley I completely forgot, but I think it’s more fitting that I remembered today since it was exactly 5 years ago today that I first laid eyes on these two.
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New camera #2

I’ve been missing film a little bit lately, even though shooting digital is probably the best thing ever. But still… So I actually just bought two new film cameras. Apparently I forgot how to load film over the last four years of shooting with only digital, so my first roll from the first camera didn’t come out. So here’s my
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Saturday Null Session – Will. Vill.

Saturday – first day of vacation! Met up with some of the Null crew to shoot some photos… first up… pieced-together sequence of Jack. among many things, derek’s appearances are a dead give-away. Ha. Jack moved on to attempting a no-comply up the 6-stair. One try was pretty gnarly… but there was a close one… Derek the rest of the
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Critters and such

Oh Wallace always is on here… my most convenient model ever. Really? Is this comfortable? You don’t even fit up there… Ha. Classroom Pets. These birds did not shut up the entire time I was teaching. Yet as soon as the last class ended and the kids left, I swear they were silent. I see how it is. I will
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Crackberry Leftovers

Forgot about these pictures.. Boulder on Fire Wallace loves when I make a mess. His favorite thing in the world is to sleep on every possible thing that I put down on either my bed, the table, the floor… whatever. He was in heaven on this particular day when I threw just about everything in my room on my bed
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