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Birds and sunset, Coco’s visit, skating Boulder spots, Wallace and Grom’s Birthday, Pueblo trip

Sometimes I bring my camera to skate sessions thinking I might take some skate photos. Instead, I actually skate the whole time and only pull my camera out for something like this…   One Saturday, Coco came to visit!   So much fun! Jack and I have had some short Boulder skate sessions before the sun goes down (can’t wait
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more crappy cell phone photos

Wow… it has been ridiculously long since the last time I’ve posted anything. And even longer since the last time I posted any cell phone photos. The quality has obviously not improved at all. I realize I am one of the dwindling few to not be apart of the instagram party, but ahh, still memories. Starting with a trip to
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Chincha photos by Odessa

More of my furry friends

First, more of Chincha and Wallace hanging out… Then, some more of Wallace on his throne, but shot from underneath… And… Groms too…

Flowering tea time

I think this one was the coolest looking flowering tea bud thing that I’ve tried so far. It’s crazy how much was reflecting on the little tea pot… at first it was annoying me that you can see reflection of the towel it was sitting on and of course lights, but then I started to like picking out things in
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Snow Day (in a new home)