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May-Jul 2016: York DIY, hiking, LowCard-Crisis Street Style, Chels’s bachlorette, Null session

York Street DIY session Peyton Riley   Fuzz Peyton Erik Fuzz Riley Nutter Riley   Hiking somewhere off the 4th of July trailhead with Seth   Magnethead & friends came to visit! Session at Donnie’s. Magnethead Elijah Chelsea Magnethead Buncy Margaret Ashlyn crew   Crisis/Lowcard Street Style contest Peyton Riley Chelsea Greyson Travis Nolan Greyson Greyson Peyton Greyson Peyton Asian
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Colorado life & skating, January – March 2016


Hiking, Slappy Slalom, Halloween Havoc & Crisis Sundays – mid October – early November 2015

Hiking in Boulder with Chip and Molly… One day at the whiskey bowl… A Crisis Sunday… Slappy Slalom 3! post-Slappy Slalom session Halloween Havoc at the Boulder park… The next Crisis Sunday… A hike with my brother Seth at Gross reservoir…  

Mostly July, a little August: Skating, 4th of July, and a Night for Andrea in Breck

Starting with a little session with Jack and Glen… And then to 4th of July! It was a difficult 4th of July for me this year, because I wasn’t at home in RI with my family or camping in Colorado. Both of which are the best. But it wasn’t so bad in the end. Jack and I took a little
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Memorial Day Weekend 2015 – my mom’s visit, hiking, wild animal sanctuary

Crested Butte to Aspen and back – West Maroon Pass and Kebler Pass

I picked up Chip in Denver around 5 pm on Friday, and we headed out to Crested Butte. At that point, I wasn’t sure what would happen over the weekend. I felt completely unprepared for the hiking adventure I had signed on too, but was hopeful my brothers could get me through it. Chip and I got to Seth and
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Flatirons hike with Leigh!

    Back in August, Leigh came out to Boulder for a wedding and stayed with me. So much fun, and really awesome to catch up with a friend I’ve know, but rarely see, for somwhere around 23 or 24 years! So crazy. Anyways, I took Friday off work and we went to a nice little hike…   a person
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Back to June

I’ve been working a lot on the second issue of Zine Unseen with Jack, been traveling, moved apartments, and been skating a lot, so I’ve sadly been slacking on this blog. It’s now mid September, but I’m posting photos from mid to late June right now. Eventually I’ll get caught back up… hope you enjoy!       Clover Bowl
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