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Our Family Trip to Brian and Gyll’s Wedding

Friday morning, in the middle of a heatwave on the east coast, we all piled into a suburban with no air conditioning on a drive to King of Prussia, just outside Philly… a drive which ended up taking us almost 9 hours due to traffic… for my cousin Brian’s wedding.

Some photos from the drive…DSC_0872_edit_resized DSC_0878_edit_resized DSC_0881_edit_resized DSC_0895_edit_resized DSC_0901_edit_resized DSC_0905_edit_resized DSC_0906_edit_resized DSC_0916_edit_resized DSC_0923_edit_resized

Once we arrived, we were in a mad dash to make it to the Rehearsal Dinner, only an hour late. The dinner was great – family, great food, drinks, stories, speeches, singing, etc. After that, we all headed back to the hotel, where the parking lot party got a little out of control with fireworks and keg stands. Saturday morning was difficult, to say the least. To ease the pain, all the cousins packed into a few cars and made our way to a cute little diner for breakfast.
DSC_0937_edit_resized DSC_0938_edit_resized DSC_0939_edit_resized DSC_0941_edit_resized

And a photo opp…DSC_0945_edit_resized DSC_0948_edit_resized DSC_0949_edit_resized

We lounged around during the afternoon, until getting ready for the wedding. I can not emphasize enough how insane the heat was. And yet the heat had nothing on the humidity. In a second, everyone was drenched in sweat. I’ve never experienced anything quite that extreme.

Now that I’ve tried to set the climate, here are my pictures from the evening/night..
DSC_0953_edit_resized DSC_0958_edit_resized DSC_0961_edit_resized DSC_0962_edit_resized DSC_0963_edit_resized DSC_0964_edit_resized DSC_0965_edit_resized DSC_0966_edit_resized DSC_0967_edit_resized DSC_0968_edit_resized DSC_0969_edit_resized DSC_0970_edit_resized DSC_0971_edit_resized DSC_0975_edit_resized DSC_0976_edit_resized DSC_0977_edit_resized DSC_0979_edit_resized

The full Samson family photo…DSC_0980_edit_resized DSC_0983_edit_resized DSC_0985_edit_resized

My branch of the Samson family…
DSC_0987_edit_resized DSC_0990_edit_resized DSC_0992_edit_resized DSC_0993_edit_resized DSC_0995_edit_resized DSC_0996_edit_resized DSC_0999_edit_resized DSC_1001_edit_resized DSC_1003_edit_resized

Me and my bros…DSC_1005_edit_resized DSC_1006_edit_resized DSC_1009_edit_resized DSC_1011_edit_resized DSC_1012_edit_resized DSC_1014_edit_resized DSC_1015_edit_resized DSC_1017_edit_resized DSC_1019_edit_resized DSC_1021_edit_resized DSC_1022_edit_resized DSC_1023_edit_resized DSC_1025_edit_resized DSC_1028_edit_resized DSC_1030_edit_resized DSC_1032_edit_resized DSC_1034_edit_resized

DSC_0002_edit_resized DSC_0004_edit_resized DSC_0007_edit_resized DSC_0015_edit_resized DSC_0018_edit_resized DSC_0019_edit_resized DSC_0020_edit_resized DSC_0021_edit_resized DSC_0024_edit_resized DSC_0025_edit_resized DSC_0026_edit_resized DSC_0027_edit_resized DSC_0028_edit_resized DSC_0030_edit_resized DSC_0033_edit_resized DSC_0035_edit_resized DSC_0038_edit_resized DSC_0041_edit_resized DSC_0049_edit_resized DSC_0050_edit_resized DSC_0053_edit_resized DSC_0054_edit_resized

After this point there was some delicious food and then a LOT of dancing to a really good Motown band. The event ended with Brian (on the drums) and his band playing a few songs for the party.DSC_0059_edit_resized DSC_0060_edit_resized DSC_0064_edit_resized DSC_0077_edit_resized DSC_0087_edit_resized


After the shuttle back to the hotel, the cousins met up for a few beers in the boys’ hotel room, before another parking lot party night…DSC_0111_edit_resized DSC_0113_edit_resized


It was hard to let the night end, since it might be awhile before we all saw each other again. Zoe and I hung on as long as we could, and after a late-night ice cream session with Dave and the Tylers, we made it to bed around 4am.

Brian and Gyll – wish you the best! Thank you for such an amazingly fun weekend!