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Rhode Island in the Summer – Week One

Monday was really a magical day. Liz, Chip and I had talked about going to Block Island, and it all seemed to work out too perfectly. We made it to the Ferry at the last possible moment to board… in fact the ferry was already moving by the time we made it to the stairs to make up to the deck on the next level. Liz brought us some water bottles filled with wine for the journey to the Block…DSC_0121_edit_resized DSC_0124_edit_resized DSC_0127_edit_resized DSC_0128_edit_resized DSC_0129_edit_resized DSC_0130_edit_resized

It was ridiculously hot. We bolted for an air conditioned shop at first, then made our way down a path onto the beach and spent as much time as possible in the ocean. Chip showed us how he had learned to walk (stand) on water…DSC_0133_edit_resized DSC_0135_edit_resized Ha

After a bit of beach time, we moved to a restaurant/bar where Cortney told us the margs would be good. They were good, but our service was… well… it was hard to get water on this 90+ day of intense humidity. But by the time we finally managed to get water, Cortney showed up to meet us…DSC_0139_edit_resized DSC_0140_edit_resized DSC_0141_edit_resized


He took us around to a few other spots, including a few dock bars, one serving banana mudslides (yum). We got to visit the Verizon headquarters (woo, haha) and then, once again, made it to the ferry at the last possible moment. Once again, we were the last to board and the ferry pushed off the dock as soon as we got on. So perfect.

We had some beers for the ride back, and I took some photos…DSC_0143_edit_resized DSC_0146_edit_resized DSC_0151_edit_resized DSC_0153_edit_resized DSC_0162_edit_resized DSC_0170_edit_resized DSC_0176_edit_resized DSC_0177_edit_resized DSC_0178_edit_resized DSC_0180_edit_resized DSC_0183_edit_resized DSC_0185_edit_resized DSC_0196_edit_resized DSC_0201_edit_resized DSC_0208_edit_resized DSC_0209_edit_resized DSC_0212_edit_resized DSC_0215_edit_resized DSC_0216_edit_resized DSC_0223_edit_resized

Back on the mainland…
DSC_0227_edit_resized DSC_0231_edit_resized DSC_0232_edit_resized DSC_0245_edit_resized DSC_0246_edit_resized Sober crew right here!DSC_0247_edit_resized DSC_0256_edit_resized

Next stop – Aunt Carrie’s! Can’t miss out on clam cakes and clam chowdah during a RI visit in the summer.
DSC_0257_edit_resizedDSC_0264_edit_resized DSC_0265_edit_resized


A few sunset photos on the drive to the beach…
DSC_0269_edit_resized DSC_0274_edit_resized DSC_0276_edit_resized DSC_0278_edit_resized

And then some sunrise photos to follow…
DSC_0285_edit_resized DSC_0289_edit_resized DSC_0291_edit_resized DSC_0292_edit_resized

Love waking up at the beach… so lucky.

And this shabby little shack of a beach cottage, while rough around the edges, brings me so much happiness….

It may not last even til next summer, but for now, we are literally ON the beach. Beach sand right up to the deck. So amazing.

And some photos of Matunuck…
DSC_0299_edit_resized DSC_0300_edit_resized DSC_0301_edit_resized DSC_0303_edit_resized DSC_0305_edit_resized DSC_0306_edit_resized




On Wednesday night, I finally got to check out Jus’s ridiculously gnarly backyard ramp. I didn’t take too many photos and those that I did take aren’t so great. I was mostly trying to figure out how the hell to skate this thing. But here you go…
DSC_0308_edit_resized DSC_0310_edit_resized DSC_0311_edit_resized DSC_0313_edit_resized DSC_0314_edit_resized DSC_0316_edit_resized DSC_0320_edit_resized

On Friday morning, my parents came down to the beach house for breakfast with the dogs. Even though it’s not allowed, they made a break for the beach with the dogs. Perfect time for a little photo op…
DSC_0327_edit_resized DSC_0330_edit_resized DSC_0332_edit_resized DSC_0334_edit_resized DSC_0336_edit_resized DSC_0342_edit_resized DSC_0345_edit_resized DSC_0348_edit_resized DSC_0353_edit_resized DSC_0358_edit_resized DSC_0362_edit_resized DSC_0366_edit_resized DSC_0369_edit_resized DSC_0389_edit_resized DSC_0391_edit_resized DSC_0406_edit_resized DSC_0409_edit_resized DSC_0412_edit_resized DSC_0417_edit_resized DSC_0425_edit_resized

What a week. And at this point, I was only barely halfway through my Rhode Island trip. Life is soooo good on the beach. To wake up and go to sleep to the sound of the ocean, to never wear socks or shoes… and barely even flip flops, to feel the sand under my feet and roll around in the ocean waves. Really, the most magical place I know…