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Cell phone photos from the first week in RI, July 2013 – Part 1

Starting with the Denver Airport. Chip and I were flying home together and our flight got delayed a few hours. So we ended up having a few beers at a bar…IMAG6834_edit_resized IMAG6838_edit_resized

Finally made it to the gate…

and on the plane…IMAG6848_edit_resized

We flew to Rhode Island early for Grandpa Chet’s funeral, so that was how we spent our first day home…IMAG6852_edit_resized

Got a terrible photo of one RI mascot…IMAG6874_edit_resized


Home to the dogs…IMAG6878_edit_resized IMAG6884_edit_resized

My mom has a stash of all the skate mags I’ve been in, as well as lowcard goodies, in the library…


Chip and I met up with Amelia and Liz to go to a softball game down the street…IMAG6887_edit_resized IMAG6892_edit_resized

And some post-game parking lot tailgating…
IMAG6893_edit_resized IMAG6901_edit_resized IMAG6903_edit_resized IMAG6909_edit_resized IMAG6912_edit_resized


The next morning I went to spin with my mom. Afterwards, we got some bagels and coffee and headed to the Pier…IMAG6922_edit_resized IMAG6924_edit_resized IMAG6927_edit_resized IMAG6929_edit_resized IMAG6931_edit_resized IMAG6934_edit_resized


Then the whole family (well, except Clay) stuffed in the Suburban to drive down to Philly for the rehearsal dinner and then wedding for my cousin Brian and his bride Gyll.IMAG6936_edit_resized


Breakfast with the cousins the next morning…IMAG6946_edit_resized IMAG6948_edit_resized IMAG6949_edit_resized IMAG6951_edit_resized IMAG6956_edit_resized


We filled the fridge with Yuengling after breakfast…IMAG6958_edit_resized IMAG6968_edit_resizedCoco and me
IMAG6970_edit_resized the trolley shuttle

IMAG6971_edit_resized IMAG6976_edit_resized

A green lightning bug landed on my fork after dinner was finished, and I was so excited…IMAG6978_edit_resized IMAG6980_edit_resized

After the reception, the cousins’ hangout…IMAG6984_edit_resized

Back to RI…IMAG6994_edit_resized IMAG7001_edit_resized IMAG7006_edit_resized

First things first. Straight to Seaview for a proper sandwich and to the beach…IMAG7010_edit_resized IMAG7013_edit_resized IMAG7014_edit_resized Rem dog!

IMAG7019_edit_resized Chip at the Mist.IMAG7022_edit_resized and a GansettIMAG7029_edit_resized IMAG7030_edit_resized Love these girls – Rose, me, Amelia, Liz

IMAG7044_edit_resized Rose

IMAG7045_edit_resized Amelia and Liz

IMAG7048_edit_resized Chip and Amelia

Randy had ventilated shoes…IMAG7051_edit_resized

Later at the Hawksleys…

The next morning, my mom came down for breakfast and dinner a headstand for my terrible cell phone camera…IMAG7063_edit_resized

Then Chip, Liz and I were off to Block Island…
IMAG7069_edit_resized IMAG7073_edit_resized IMAG7076_edit_resized IMAG7079_edit_resized IMAG7082_edit_resized IMAG7084_edit_resized

We met up with Cortney and got some delicious banana mudslides…IMAG7087_edit_resized IMAG7093_edit_resized IMAG7098_edit_resized IMAG7104_edit_resized IMAG7105_edit_resizedAnd sorry to end with some negativity, but I mean, if you live out of Block Island, it might not be a big surprise this is your attitude…