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Cell phone photos from the first week in RI, July 2013 – Part 2

Continuing with the last post, on Block Island with Chip, Liz, and Cortney. Cortney was driving us around in his Verizon truck, and Liz and Chip were having some fun…
IMAG7112_edit_resized IMAG7117_edit_resized

We managed to catch the ferry in the nick of time…

I was really excited about both my Lowcard whale hat and my Block Island whale sweatshirt…
IMAG7129_edit_resized IMAG7130_edit_resized IMAG7134_edit_resized IMAG7141_edit_resized


Off the Block Island ferry and straight to Aunt Carrie’s…IMAG7155_edit_resized IMAG7157_edit_resized IMAG7158_edit_resized IMAG7161_edit_resized IMAG7165_edit_resized IMAG7166_edit_resized IMAG7171_edit_resized Clamcakes, clam chowder, lobster roll… mmmmm.

The next day (Tuesday) was a family beach day…IMAG7172_edit_resizedmy mom

IMAG7173_edit_resized Barbara

IMAG7174_edit_resized Marcia

IMAG7175_edit_resized Anne

IMAG7181_edit_resized IMAG7182_edit_resized Chip came to join us too

IMAG7183_edit_resized IMAG7185_edit_resized IMAG7186_edit_resized IMAG7187_edit_resized IMAG7188_edit_resized IMAG7191_edit_resized IMAG7192_edit_resized IMAG7195_edit_resized


Back on the farm, my dad was working on his tractor project…IMAG7196_edit_resized IMAG7200_edit_resized

And I went to say hello to the horses…IMAG7203_edit_resized IMAG7206_edit_resized


The next morning (Wednesday) I went back to 6am spin with my mom, and we caught some turkeys in the field…IMAG7207_edit_resized IMAG7211_edit_resized

The garden…IMAG7215_edit_resized IMAG7217_edit_resized

IMAG7219_edit_resized A groundhog!

IMAG7220_edit_resized happy Beau!

That evening I made my first trip down to Jus’s backyard ramp. Jus and the ramp…IMAG7226_edit_resized IMAG7228_edit_resized IMAG7230_edit_resized IMAG7231_edit_resized IMAG7232_edit_resized Super fun, gnarly ramp.

Oh yes, did I forget to mention we were enduring a heatwave at the time…

Solo beach time on Thursday…IMAG7242_edit_resized

I love that in Rhode Island, you can buy milk that’s guaranteed from local Rhode Island dairy farmers…IMAG7245_edit_resized IMAG7246_edit_resized

This one happened to feature our neighbors, the Cottrells…

Thursday and Friday were a mix of work time in the beach house…IMAG7256_edit_resized

and beach time…IMAG7260_edit_resized

On Friday, Clay, Liz and I went to visit the Wilson’s Grapes and Gourmet liquor store. Here’s Amelia hard at work…IMAG7271_edit_resized

We were there for the wine tasting…
IMAG7273_edit_resized IMAG7275_edit_resized IMAG7279_edit_resized IMAG7281_edit_resized Amelia.

Mr. Wilson let us go down and check out the wine cellar…IMAG7282_edit_resized

IMAG7284_edit_resized ClayIMAG7289_edit_resized


And finally Chen’s for dinner…IMAG7294_edit_resized