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In the middle of my RI visit, summer 2013

At the Ocean Mist with Barbara…DSC_0681_edit_resized DSC_0682_edit_resized DSC_0687_edit_resized

And Clay and Seth too…

There were even some surfers out, despite the lack of real waves…

On that Tuesday night, my mom spent the night at the beach house with me, and I shot some slow exposure photos of the full moon…DSC_0697_edit_resized DSC_0700_edit_resized


And then got up the next morning to take some dawn photos…DSC_0702_edit_resized

Bingo was hanging out with me on the beach…DSC_0704_edit_resized DSC_0705_edit_resized DSC_0707_edit_resized DSC_0710_edit_resized DSC_0712_edit_resized DSC_0718_edit_resized DSC_0721_edit_resized DSC_0724_edit_resized DSC_0725_edit_resized DSC_0726_edit_resized DSC_0730_edit_resized DSC_0735_edit_resized DSC_0736_edit_resized DSC_0742_edit_resized DSC_0743_edit_resized DSC_0745_edit_resized DSC_0749_edit_resized DSC_0752_edit_resized DSC_0753_edit_resized DSC_0758_edit_resized DSC_0766_edit_resized


We had another family beach day, and then a trip to Aunt Carrie’s. Here’s Marcia, my mom Judy, and Anne…
DSC_0773_edit_resized DSC_0775_edit_resized DSC_0778_edit_resized


And Daria and me…DSC_0787_edit_resized DSC_0789_edit_resized DSC_0793_edit_resized DSC_0794_edit_resized


Meagan got to town, and we did a mid-week breakfast on Thursday at the Ocean Mist with Tom and Sara…DSC_0800_edit_resized DSC_0801_edit_resized DSC_0804_edit_resized DSC_0807_edit_resized DSC_0809_edit_resized


After some less than pleasant weather (which actually was an awesome break from the heatwave the week earlier) on Thursday and Friday, Friday ended with a beautiful rainbow (double rainbow at one point)…DSC_0817_edit_resized DSC_0819_edit_resized DSC_0820_edit_resized DSC_0827_edit_resized DSC_0828_edit_resized DSC_0829_edit_resized DSC_0836_edit_resized DSC_0838_edit_resized DSC_0843_edit_resized DSC_0846_edit_resized DSC_0847_edit_resized DSC_0852_edit_resized DSC_0855_edit_resized DSC_0857_edit_resized DSC_0862_edit_resized DSC_0867_edit_resized DSC_0871_edit_resized DSC_0873_edit_resized


I was sad the rainbow was gone once I got to the beach (no epic rainbow over the ocean photo op), but the sky was still breath-taking…DSC_0875_edit_resized



Roof deck photos with Sue…DSC_0877_edit_resized DSC_0882_edit_resized DSC_0887_edit_resized DSC_0890_edit_resized