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Makala and Jus’s wedding

Makala and Jus’s wedding was moved to midnight on Friday night. Earlier in the night, I had some wine with Sara on her back deck and Justin came to join us…
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Then I met up with Meagan and Tom for a little impromptu photo shoot on a lifeguard chair…DSC_0910_edit_resized DSC_0913_edit_resized DSC_0914_edit_resized DSC_0917_edit_resized DSC_0919_edit_resized DSC_0923_edit_resized DSC_0925_edit_resized


And then it was time for the moon-lit ceremony on the beach…DSC_0927_edit_resized DSC_0935_edit_resized DSC_0936_edit_resized DSC_0937_edit_resized DSC_0938_edit_resized DSC_0940_edit_resized DSC_0944_edit_resized DSC_0953_edit_resized DSC_0954_edit_resized DSC_0955_edit_resized DSC_0957_edit_resized DSC_0959_edit_resized DSC_0961_edit_resized


Jim was the ring bearer… he was a little nervous…DSC_0962_edit_resized DSC_0966_edit_resized DSC_0969_edit_resized DSC_0971_edit_resized DSC_0974_edit_resized DSC_0975_edit_resized DSC_0980_edit_resized DSC_0981_edit_resized DSC_0982_edit_resized DSC_0985_edit_resized DSC_0986_edit_resized DSC_0989_edit_resized DSC_0991_edit_resized DSC_0994_edit_resized DSC_0995_edit_resized DSC_0997_edit_resizedDSC_0001_edit_resized DSC_0004_edit_resized DSC_0005_edit_resized DSC_0006_edit_resized DSC_0008_edit_resized DSC_0009_edit_resized DSC_0012_edit_resized DSC_0013_edit_resized DSC_0014_edit_resized DSC_0015_edit_resized DSC_0017_edit_resized DSC_0018_edit_resized DSC_0022_edit_resized

After the late night ceremony, I got a little beach time the next day. Such a beautiful day with some decent size waves…

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Then a quick trip to the Umbrella Factory with my mom. My mom was looking for a new dress, and I ended up being the one to get one. A few photos of some birds (big and small)

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Then back to the beach to get ready. Here’s Sara and Justin…


And then to the wedding reception…

My parents and Randall
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My dad and the bride…

Not the best picture of us, but the only one I have of me…
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There was a late night pizza delivery to feed the crowd…

DSC_0099_edit_resized DSC_0107_edit_resized DSC_0110_edit_resized

Jordan being critical of the pizza (he supplied the main pizza for the reception)


Fun, fun night. In honor of the block dances, the party ended with a little Sam Cooke (“We’re having a party”) and then the entire group of people made a circle, putting arms around the person next to them, for “That’s What Friends Are For”… if you aren’t from the beach, I would imagine the scene would seem totally bizarre… but I love it. I may have started crying.

Congratulations Makala and Jus… thank you for an amazing time!