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KOTC 2013 in cell phone photos

Our team started small… and our first day got rained out…IMAG7854_edit_resized IMAG7861_edit_resized


Early morning shotgun fail…

IMAG7864_edit_resized IMAG7867_edit_resized


Our backyard campsite…



Being weird…IMAG7872_edit_resized IMAG7881_edit_resized Pueblo has so many awesome spots.IMAG7882_edit_resized IMAG7884_edit_resized IMAG7886_edit_resized


Ka*Mitt rules so hard. Seriously.IMAG7888_edit_resized IMAG7889_edit_resized IMAG7895_edit_resized IMAG7896_edit_resized IMAG7898_edit_resized


On the final day (after my lost wallet disaster)…IMAG7906_edit_resized



At the finale in Castle Rock…IMAG7907_edit_resized IMAG7910_edit_resized