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Pho, Crisis and Null sessions

One of my favorite things ever is pho with Jack…DSC_0958_edit_resized DSC_0965_edit_resized Hope you can read Jack’s fortune (despite my inability to focus my fisheye lens)


Next up, a batch of photos from a Crisis skate day back in September…

DSC_0971_edit_resized Ro killing it…DSC_0995_edit_resized DSC_0995_edit_resized2 DSC_0997_edit_resized DSC_0998_edit_resized Jack too, killing it skating and killing his shins…DSC_0999_edit_resized DSC_1007_edit_resized(Jack was bonking the rail, but I failed to catch it.. boo)

There’s a whole bunch of James working on a kickflip (and me still learning to use my new fisheye)…

DSC_0006_edit_resized DSC_0017_edit_resized DSC_0024_edit_resized DSC_0031_edit_resized (Fuzz in the mix!)DSC_0048_edit_resized DSC_0060_edit_resized DSC_0062_edit_resized

And then to Westy High…DSC_0067_edit_resized DSC_0070_edit_resized DSC_0075_edit_resizedFuzz’s powerslides were the best!

DSC_0085_edit_resized DSC_0092_edit_resized DSC_0097_edit_resized DSC_0143_edit_resized DSC_0155_edit_resized



And then a Null skate day in Denver…DSC_0168_edit_resized DSC_0169_edit_resized DSC_0175_edit_resized DSC_0178_edit_resized


Yup, yup. more posts coming soon…