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Jack’s Birthday

Jack’s birthday! I was so, so excited. First we started with a some Mexican food and beer (and me taking way more photos than Jack appreciated)…DSC_0200_edit_resized DSC_0202_edit_resized DSC_0205_edit_resized DSC_0211_edit_resized


Then Hapa for their late night happy hour with a crew…
DSC_0216_edit_resized DSC_0217_edit_resized

Cheers to the birthday boy…DSC_0222_edit_resized DSC_0223_edit_resized DSC_0224_edit_resized DSC_0229_edit_resized DSC_0236_edit_resized

DSC_0237_edit_resized DSC_0241_edit_resized DSC_0250_edit_resized DSC_0259_edit_resized DSC_0264_edit_resized DSC_0272_edit_resized DSC_0279_edit_resized Eventually we made our way to Catacombs where we stayed most of the night, but then around 1:15, we made the trek to the Scum downer. Glen was denied access for being too drunk at the front door (HA!), and so we snuck back around to the back door and all made it in. And then drank until we got the boot…DSC_0281_edit_resized DSC_0287_edit_resized DSC_0288_edit_resized


Fun, fun times! Thanks so much to everyone that came out … and who knows if Jack will ever go out to the bars again (hahah)