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Molly’s visit and our secret adventure

My cousin Molly came out to visit in early October. That Saturday morning, Chip came to meet us, and we picked up our cousin Coco for breakfast…

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Mary Kate recommended we go to Brasserie 1010, and her biggest selling point to us was that we could draw on the table…DSC_0303_edit_resized DSC_0304_edit_resized DSC_0307_edit_resized DSC_0316_edit_resized


After breakfast, we dropped Coco off at a friends house, but not before taking some family photos…DSC_0336_edit_resized DSC_0337_edit_resized DSC_0338_edit_resized


And then a little later, we were off on a secret adventure (ssshhhh)…DSC_0341_edit_resized DSC_0343_edit_resized DSC_0348_edit_resized DSC_0356_edit_resizedDSC_0357_edit_resized DSC_0360_edit_resized DSC_0366_edit_resized DSC_0371_edit_resized DSC_0378_edit_resized DSC_0383_edit_resized DSC_0406_edit_resized DSC_0449_edit_resized DSC_0460_edit_resized DSC_0467_edit_resized DSC_0543_edit_resized DSC_0547_edit_resized DSC_0551_edit_resized DSC_0563_edit_resized DSC_0565_edit_resized DSC_0569_edit_resized DSC_0573_edit_resized DSC_0575_edit_resized DSC_0581_edit_resized DSC_0590_edit_resized DSC_0611_edit_resized DSC_0625_edit_resized DSC_0652_edit_resized DSC_0662_edit_resized DSC_0667_edit_resized DSC_0688_edit_resized DSC_0691_edit_resizedDSC_0706_edit_resized DSC_0709_edit_resized DSC_0714_edit_resized DSC_0725_edit_resized DSC_0731_edit_resized DSC_0755_edit_resized


Awesome adventure, thanks Chip! And thanks to Molly for coming out to visit!