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Florida Vacation Part 1

I got to the place we were staying in Indian Rock Beach on Saturday night, just in time for an amazing sunset…DSC_0958_edit_resized DSC_0960_edit_resized DSC_0961_edit_resized DSC_0964_edit_resized DSC_0966_edit_resized DSC_0968_edit_resizedSuch a great start to a much needed vacation!

The next day I drove to Tampa with my mom to upload my presentation for the conference at the Tampa Convention Center and check into my hotel in Tampa, that I stayed at for two nights of the conference.

Outside the Convention Center there are some strange looking ducks…

Back to Indian Rock Beach for another beautiful, yet very different sunset…DSC_0979_edit_resized DSC_0982_edit_resized DSC_0984_edit_resized

Later that night I made my back to Tampa, but this time by myself. The next day was the day I gave my presentation. I was pretty nervous, but everything went well and I got some great feedback from the other people in the room. The next two days I attended the conference, stress-free. In between talks, I took a few photos…
DSC_0988_edit_resized DSC_0991_edit_resized DSC_0995_edit_resized DSC_0997_edit_resizedDSC_0999_edit_resized DSC_1004_edit_resized

After the conference on Tuesday I headed back to Indian Rock Beach to see the sunset, walk on the beach and have dinner with my mom…
DSC_1006_edit_resizedDSC_0002_edit_resized DSC_0004_edit_resized DSC_0007_edit_resized DSC_0009_edit_resized DSC_0011_edit_resized DSC_0014_edit_resized DSC_0015_edit_resized DSC_0018_edit_resized DSC_0019_edit_resized DSC_0020_edit_resized

Our first sighting of the funniest bird ever…
DSC_0022_edit_resized DSC_0023_edit_resized DSC_0024_edit_resized DSC_0025_edit_resized DSC_0026_edit_resized DSC_0030_edit_resized DSC_0033_edit_resized DSC_0039_edit_resized DSC_0045_edit_resized DSC_0048_edit_resized DSC_0056_edit_resized DSC_0059_edit_resized DSC_0061_edit_resized DSC_0066_edit_resized DSC_0071_edit_resized DSC_0073_edit_resized DSC_0075_edit_resized

Me and my mom…DSC_0078_edit_resized DSC_0079_edit_resized DSC_0081_edit_resized

So beautiful. We made our way to a pizza place and had pizza and wine on the front deck of the restaurant. Such a perfect vacation.