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Florida Vacation Part 2

The second part of my Florida Vacation began on Wednesday afternoon/evening. It was after I attended the last day of the conference and went straight to the Tampa Airport to pick up Jack. We drove in crazy traffic, trying to make it to the beach for the sunset. We didn’t quite catch the sunset, but my mom still insisted we come out to the beach right away. She had made Jack a welcome message in the sand…DSC_0084_edit_resized

My mom and Jack…DSC_0090_edit_resized

The three of us got some dinner after that, and then Jack and I sat on the beach and took some long exposure type photos under the stars…
DSC_0095_edit_resizedDSC_0097_edit_resized DSC_0099_edit_resized DSC_0103_edit_resized DSC_0104_edit_resized DSC_0108_edit_resized DSC_0121_edit_resized DSC_0133_edit_resized


The next day we debated on what to do, and in the end we spent most of the day wandering up and down the beach, taking photos…DSC_0136_edit_resized DSC_0141_edit_resized DSC_0143_edit_resized DSC_0144_edit_resized DSC_0145_edit_resized DSC_0155_edit_resized DSC_0159_edit_resized DSC_0163_edit_resized DSC_0169_edit_resized DSC_0171_edit_resized

The birds on Indian Rock Beach really like to stand on one leg…
DSC_0177_edit_resized DSC_0182_edit_resized DSC_0186_edit_resized DSC_0189_edit_resized DSC_0192_edit_resized DSC_0193_edit_resized DSC_0194_edit_resized DSC_0198_edit_resized DSC_0201_edit_resized DSC_0203_edit_resized DSC_0206_edit_resized DSC_0208_edit_resized DSC_0223_edit_resized DSC_0226_edit_resized DSC_0229_edit_resized DSC_0235_edit_resized DSC_0240_edit_resized DSC_0251_edit_resizedDSC_0258_edit_resized DSC_0264_edit_resized DSC_0268_edit_resizedDSC_0269_edit_resized DSC_0291_edit_resized DSC_0295_edit_resized DSC_0296_edit_resized DSC_0301_edit_resized DSC_0307_edit_resized DSC_0311_edit_resized DSC_0318_edit_resized DSC_0322_edit_resized

After wandering the beach and then hanging out the place for a bit, we grabbed some beach chairs and joined my mom to watch the sunset. And of course, we took a ridiculous amount of photos and loved every second of it…DSC_0333_edit_resized DSC_0337_edit_resized DSC_0338_edit_resized DSC_0343_edit_resized DSC_0347_edit_resized DSC_0348_edit_resized DSC_0355_edit_resized DSC_0366_edit_resizedDSC_0376_edit_resized DSC_0386_edit_resized


My mom…DSC_0400_edit_resized DSC_0405_edit_resized DSC_0407_edit_resized DSC_0416_edit_resized DSC_0420_edit_resized DSC_0434_edit_resized DSC_0439_edit_resized DSC_0440_edit_resized DSC_0441_edit_resized DSC_0443_edit_resized DSC_0444_edit_resized


There was this one “skimmer” bird that kept us pretty entertained…DSC_0448_edit_resized DSC_0455_edit_resized DSC_0461_edit_resized DSC_0464_edit_resized DSC_0468_edit_resized DSC_0471_edit_resized DSC_0478_edit_resized DSC_0490_edit_resized DSC_0492_edit_resized DSC_0499_edit_resized DSC_0503_edit_resized

Some cutesy sunset posing…
DSC_0505_edit_resized DSC_0508_edit_resized DSC_0511_edit_resized DSC_0513_edit_resized DSC_0519_edit_resized DSC_0541_edit_resized DSC_0550_edit_resizedDSC_0554_edit_resized DSC_0563_edit_resized DSC_0569_edit_resized DSC_0572_edit_resized DSC_0575_edit_resized DSC_0576_edit_resized DSC_0598_edit_resized DSC_0606_edit_resized DSC_0629_edit_resized DSC_0633_edit_resized DSC_0634_edit_resized DSC_0635_edit_resized DSC_0640_edit_resized DSC_0642_edit_resized DSC_0644_edit_resized DSC_0647_edit_resized


The next day we headed to Orlando to skate the Maitland banks, but sadly my memory card failed after the very first photo I took… Jack warming up… boo. Anyways, here’s a not so great back disaster photo…



We skated that spot for awhile, and then headed back to have dinner with my mom the last night of the vacation. The next morning we said goodbye to my mom, packed up our stuff, took a short stroll down the beach and then headed to the airport for our flight back to CO.

What a perfect vacation.