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Launch ramp with Meta

John invited me to come along with the Meta team to skate the Launch ramp. I was in the middle of working on my final project for my class, but this was a worthy work break. Plus, I had never been to the launch ramp before, and I always miss the “Old man night” because I’m usually still at work when people head up to Fort Collins for it. So yea, this night was awesome.

On the short bus…

DSC_1003_edit_resized DSC_1005_edit_resized DSC_1006_edit_resized

And to Launch…DSC_1013_edit_resized DSC_1017_edit_resized DSC_1020_edit_resizedDSC_0001_edit_resized DSC_0006_edit_resized OmiDSC_0007_edit_resized CollinDSC_0009_edit_resized DavisDSC_0015_edit_resized DSC_0016_edit_resized DakotaDSC_0020_edit_resized JJDSC_0021_edit_resized DSC_0022_edit_resized DSC_0024_edit_resized DSC_0025_edit_resized Jess Mudgett was thereDSC_0026_edit_resized DSC_0027_edit_resized DSC_0030_edit_resized DavisDSC_0033_edit_resized AlexDSC_0036_edit_resized DSC_0037_edit_resized DSC_0045_edit_resized DSC_0047_edit_resized DSC_0048_edit_resized DSC_0050_edit_resized DSC_0051_edit_resized BobDSC_0053_edit_resized DSC_0059_edit_resized DSC_0060_edit_resized DSC_0063_edit_resized DSC_0079_edit_resized (I missed the grab, boo)DSC_0090_edit_resized DSC_0094_edit_resized DSC_0106_edit_resized DSC_0108_edit_resized Josh. Not a great photo, but just to show Josh was doing some crazy gap to extension type stuff.DSC_0109_edit_resized DSC_0112_edit_resized WillDSC_0115_edit_resized DSC_0116_edit_resized DSC_0122_edit_resized DSC_0127_edit_resized DSC_0129_edit_resized DSC_0132_edit_resized


And that’s all for photos… they all were taken in about the last 20-30 minutes we were there I think. I super happy that I got invited…. the Launch is amazing and the night was a blast. Thanks dudes.