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Pueblo day trip

It was snowy in Boulder and we decided to take a Saturday day trip down south to Pueblo in search of dry land. It was Glen, Neil, Chad and me. We left Boulder around 8:30, Chad hopped in the car in Denver and we were on our way…

IMAG9331_edit_resized IMAG9333_edit_resized

Our first stop was on the Colorado State campus there, where this amazing bank happens to be…IMAG9335_edit_resized

It was fun warming up, but the wind was intense. After awhile we stopped for lunch and then went by KaMitt, where the homies are the raddest people and always take the time to hang with us and take us to skate spots… Honestly the most welcoming dudes.IMAG9336_edit_resized IMAG9339_edit_resized

After hanging at the shop for a bit, Fred took us to a spot down by the river…
DSC_0262_edit_resized DSC_0265_edit_resizedIMAG9342_edit_resized IMAG9343_edit_resized IMAG9346_edit_resized

Next, to a bank to ledge spot…DSC_0270_edit_resized DSC_0273_edit_resized DSC_0279_edit_resized DSC_0294_edit_resized DSC_0296_edit_resized DSC_0298_edit_resized DSC_0299_edit_resized DSC_0301_edit_resized DSC_0302_edit_resized DSC_0306_edit_resized DSC_0307_edit_resized DSC_0310_edit_resized Everything was awesome and I finally put down my camera to skate, when some crazy dude with a wooden rod longer than a baseball bat came running out through the fence, screaming at us and threatening us with his bat. He was yelling about how we needed to get, something about his place being vandalized (so, of course the immediate connection with skaters), etc. until Fred shut him down and put him in his place.

IMAG9349_edit_resized (He looks pretty relaxed in the above photo, but that’s cause this is after Fred shut him down. I couldn’t get to my camera or cell phone until this point, because he was standing right next to them when he was in crazy aggressive mode.)

Either way, we left that spot and moved on to the next…IMAG9353_edit_resized IMAG9356_edit_resized

…which also happened to be a bank to ledge, just a little more intense…IMAG9359_edit_resized

Ricky and Fred were the only ones trying to tackle this beast…DSC_0314_edit_resized DSC_0320_edit_resized DSC_0332_edit_resized DSC_0333_edit_resized DSC_0336_edit_resized DSC_0347_edit_resized DSC_0348_edit_resized DSC_0351_edit_resized

Some slips did happen…DSC_0354_edit_resized DSC_0363_edit_resized

Sketchy… so sick though. DSC_0372_edit_resized DSC_0374_edit_resizedWe hung around this spot while the sun went down, watching Ricky do any trick requested by the rest of the crew in the parking lot above the bank. Then it was time to head back north. Always a blast in Pueblo with the best dudes.