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January skate sessions

This first session was a Crisis Sunday, some time in the middle of January. I was still feeling really sick and it was super cold and windy. Not a great combination. Even so, the day was super fun. We started at Smoky Hills, mostly by accident.

Some warmup photos…

DSC_0385_edit_resized DSC_0388_edit_resized DSC_0397_edit_resized DSC_0400_edit_resizedDSC_0426_edit_resizedDSC_0413_edit_resized

Justin going for gap lipslide…
DSC_0419_edit_resized DSC_0421_edit_resized

James with lots of wallies…DSC_0432_edit_resized DSC_0436_edit_resized DSC_0437_edit_resized

Ro was killing it…DSC_0442_edit_resized DSC_0446_edit_resized DSC_0454_edit_resizedDSC_0462_edit_resized DSC_0464_edit_resized DSC_0465_edit_resized DSC_0467_edit_resized DSC_0472_edit_resized DSC_0474_edit_resized

Fuzz too…DSC_0482_edit_resized DSC_0488_edit_resizedDSC_0483_edit_resized DSC_0485_edit_resizedDSC_0490_edit_resized

Then over to the rails…DSC_0496_edit_resizedDSC_0498_edit_resized DSC_0500_edit_resizedDSC_0503_edit_resizedDSC_0515_edit_resized DSC_0525_edit_resized DSC_0537_edit_resized

From another day, with Jack, Glen, Neil and Blake. This was the 3rd spot of the day, wrapping up our session…DSC_0541_edit_resized DSC_0542_edit_resized DSC_0544_edit_resized DSC_0545_edit_resized DSC_0547_edit_resized DSC_0549_edit_resized DSC_0550_edit_resized DSC_0551_edit_resized DSC_0557_edit_resized DSC_0558_edit_resized DSC_0561_edit_resized DSC_0562_edit_resized DSC_0564_edit_resized DSC_0569_edit_resized DSC_0574_edit_resized


And then back to another Crisis session. Beginning with a stretch and then a little fire hydrant session…DSC_0582_edit_resized DSC_0585_edit_resized DSC_0588_edit_resized DSC_0593_edit_resized DSC_0600_edit_resized DSC_0610_edit_resized DSC_0619_edit_resized DSC_0623_edit_resized DSC_0629_edit_resized DSC_0630_edit_resized DSC_0635_edit_resized DSC_0637_edit_resized (James did a killer no comply over the fire hydrant, but I only got a photo of him early on, while just sort of warming up into the trick. Not a great photo, but still felt like sticking it in here.)

After that, we did a little lurking and came upon something that caught Ro’s eye…

DSC_0643_edit_resized DSC_0649_edit_resized So rick!

And then a little stop by a backyard pool. Unfortunately it was shut down by a lot of thick ice and water in the deep end…DSC_0650_edit_resized DSC_0653_edit_resized DSC_0658_edit_resized DSC_0661_edit_resized a not-so-great team photo midday.

Then we went to a ditch where we spent the rest of the day. I skated the whole time, but stopped to take a few photos when Ro managed to pull his board out of a pipe, where it flew into and got stuck in thick mud. DSC_0663_edit_resized DSC_0664_edit_resized DSC_0666_edit_resized Ha.DSC_0675_edit_resized

Awesome. Always appreciate these dry winter days…