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San Diego visit (Part 1)

It rules having friends that live in awesome places. Life in Colorado was cold, snowy and getting a little monotonous, so I booked a flight to sunny San Diego to visit my friend Meagan and her boyfriend Tom. Overall, I felt like the entire weekend trip was relaxing and a little magical. That kind of magic when everything just works out perfectly with no effort at all. I couldn’t have possibly asked for anything more.

The flight out there was probably the best flight of my life. It was a clear day and for some reason (turbulence up high), the pilot had to fly the plane relatively low in the sky the entire trip. I saw the Rockies, even Crested Butte I think, Utah, Monument Valley and the Grand Canyon. DSC_0682_edit_resized DSC_0684_edit_resized DSC_0687_edit_resized

Meagan picked me up from the airport and we dropped stuff off at her place and then took a stroll down to the beach…
DSC_0692_edit_resized DSC_0696_edit_resized DSC_0701_edit_resized DSC_0702_edit_resized DSC_0705_edit_resized DSC_0709_edit_resized DSC_0712_edit_resized DSC_0715_edit_resized DSC_0716_edit_resized DSC_0720_edit_resized DSC_0724_edit_resized DSC_0728_edit_resized DSC_0730_edit_resized DSC_0738_edit_resized DSC_0740_edit_resized DSC_0743_edit_resized DSC_0757_edit_resized DSC_0759_edit_resized DSC_0763_edit_resized DSC_0769_edit_resized DSC_0777_edit_resized

The waves were bigger than normal, and even the end of the pier was closed off. Made for some fun photos though. The power of the ocean never gets old.DSC_0793_edit_resized DSC_0795_edit_resized

After our beach visit, we headed to Ocean Beach to hit up OB Noodle House (Meagan’s favorite spot). We got the best possible parking spot, the best table, food, sake and beer were all delicious. Amazing. Then we went out for a little bar hopping with Meagan’s coworkers. Super fun times in the first day of the trip.

Saturday morning, after Meagan, Tom and I ate a delicious homemade breakfast, we went on a bike adventure…

DSC_0807_edit_resized DSC_0811_edit_resized DSC_0815_edit_resized

First stop was to visit Tom’s old place and some of his friends that still lived there…
DSC_0824_edit_resized DSC_0830_edit_resized DSC_0831_edit_resized DSC_0838_edit_resized

And then a bike ride down the beach “boardwalk”…DSC_0843_edit_resized DSC_0847_edit_resized DSC_0850_edit_resized DSC_0855_edit_resized DSC_0861_edit_resized DSC_0873_edit_resized DSC_0875_edit_resized DSC_0886_edit_resized

A little break at the end of the boardwalk, along the bay…DSC_0894_edit_resized DSC_0899_edit_resizedDSC_0904_edit_resized DSC_0908_edit_resized DSC_0909_edit_resized DSC_0913_edit_resized DSC_0920_edit_resized

Trying to relearn how to cartwheel (it’s probably been a decade or so)…
DSC_0927_edit_resized DSC_0931_edit_resized DSC_0940_edit_resized

We locked up our bikes for a little stop at a beachside bar/restaurant…DSC_0942_edit_resized DSC_0948_edit_resized DSC_0949_edit_resized DSC_0951_edit_resized DSC_0958_edit_resized Meagan and her beachDSC_0961_edit_resized DSC_0963_edit_resized DSC_0969_edit_resized

Back to visit the friends, and another rooftop view…
DSC_0977_edit_resized We got back to Meagan and Tom’s place, and Meagan and I headed out for Saturday night’s sunset over the ocean…DSC_0979_edit_resized


(to be continued…)