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San Diego visit (Part 2)

Starting from where the previous post left off… walking down to the beach with Meagan to check out the sunset on Saturday night.
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Pretty damn beautiful. After that we grabbed some food and made dinner and Meag and Tom’s and had a pretty early night… must’ve been all that sun!

The next morning, after a stroll to a local coffee shop, Meag and I headed down to the Washington Street park so I could get my DIY skate fix. I only have photos on my phone, so they may eventually make it on here, but I mostly super excited and proud of doing wallrides on one of the structural poles there.

After that adventure, we headed to Coronado to wander on the beach a little…
DSC_0087_edit_resizedDSC_0089_edit_resized DSC_0093_edit_resizedDSC_0103_edit_resized

…and then we went inside the hotel for bloody marys from the bar and a view of the beach.

Then a delicious lunch at Rubicon’s deli, shopping, and then a trip to Sunset Cliffs (if I remember the name correctly)…DSC_0107_edit_resized DSC_0111_edit_resized DSC_0114_edit_resized DSC_0119_edit_resized DSC_0121_edit_resized DSC_0122_edit_resized DSC_0126_edit_resized DSC_0128_edit_resized


The next morning Meag and Tom both headed to work, and I took a stroll to the same coffee shop as the day before and then down to the beach to take some photos and soak up the ocean breeze in my last few hours on the coast…
DSC_0133_edit_resized DSC_0136_edit_resized

oh, and there was a pig down by the beach too…
DSC_0141_edit_resized DSC_0145_edit_resized DSC_0147_edit_resized DSC_0148_edit_resized DSC_0153_edit_resized DSC_0158_edit_resized DSC_0159_edit_resized DSC_0162_edit_resized DSC_0171_edit_resized DSC_0178_edit_resized DSC_0189_edit_resized DSC_0191_edit_resized DSC_0199_edit_resized DSC_0205_edit_resized DSC_0219_edit_resized DSC_0224_edit_resized DSC_0226_edit_resized DSC_0230_edit_resized

some #selfies…
DSC_0236_edit_resized DSC_0240_edit_resized DSC_0245_edit_resized DSC_0254_edit_resized DSC_0255_edit_resized DSC_0256_edit_resized DSC_0260_edit_resized DSC_0264_edit_resized DSC_0268_edit_resized DSC_0269_edit_resized DSC_0278_edit_resized DSC_0288_edit_resized DSC_0292_edit_resized DSC_0298_edit_resized DSC_0305_edit_resized

Then it was time to pack up my things and catch a ride with Tom, who was nice enough to pick me up and drive me to the airport. And then back in the air to Colorado…



Thank you soo so so much Meagan and Tom!

And hopefully soon I’ll have cell phone photos of the weekend up soon!