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May! Skating, Anna’s goodbye, Chris Dyer’s visit, etc.

Jack boosting at a early morning Northglenn session…
DSC_0660_edit_resized DSC_0661_edit_resized DSC_0664_edit_resized DSC_0666_edit_resized DSC_0668_edit_resized DSC_0670_edit_resized

Later that day was Anna’s going-away party and Zac’s bday party, which they combined into one big drunken bar crawl through Denver…DSC_0673_edit_revised DSC_0675_edit_resized DSC_0677_edit_resized DSC_0680_edit_resized DSC_0682_resized DSC_0683_resized DSC_0685_resized DSC_0692_resized DSC_0693_resized DSC_0694_resized DSC_0698_resized DSC_0699_resized DSC_0700_resized DSC_0701_resized DSC_0703_resized DSC_0704_resized DSC_0705_resized DSC_0706_resized DSC_0707_resized DSC_0708_resized DSC_0709_resized DSC_0710_resized DSC_0711_resized DSC_0712_resized Bye Anna!

And then, a Crisis session on a HOT day…DSC_0723_edit_resized DSC_0724_edit_resized DSC_0748_edit_resized DSC_0753_edit_resized DSC_0755_edit_resized DSC_0759_edit_resized DSC_0765_edit_resized DSC_0814_edit_resized DSC_0818_edit_resized DSC_0821_edit_resized DSC_0829_edit_resized DSC_0832_edit_resized DSC_0839_edit_resized

And lastly for this post, my friend Chris Dyer from Montreal came to Denver for a solo art show. He painted a mural on the side of the gallery, so Jack and I went down to say what’s up and check out the mural…DSC_0844_edit_resized DSC_0845_edit_resized DSC_0847_edit_resized DSC_0848_edit_resized DSC_0849_edit_resized DSC_0859_edit_resized DSC_0860_edit_resized DSC_0861_edit_resizedSo good to see a familiar face from my Montreal days! And, can’t wait to visit Montreal this summer!!!