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A Saturday with the crew

I met up with Glen, Ollie, Rob, Neil, Blake, and Lazer on campus. I had just hurt my elbow and was set on just rolling and taking photos and nothing more than that. Almost immediately after meeting up with everyone, we were asked to leave every spot on campus. Nicely, though. Ha. We went to Casey for a bit, and I took some photos of Rob working on wallride nollie out (?) … quite a few wallride photos in the end…
DSC_0863_edit_resized DSC_0875_edit_resized DSC_0880_edit_resized DSC_0886_edit_resized DSC_0897_edit_resized DSC_0898_edit_resized DSC_0902_edit_resized DSC_0903_edit_resized

After that, we took a little break, jumped Blake’s car, Glen dropped off Ollie, visited Jack for some coffee, and then skate this bank to curb/ledge spot…
DSC_0916_edit_resized DSC_0927_edit_resized DSC_0942_edit_resized DSC_0966_edit_resized DSC_0973_edit_resized DSC_0981_edit_resized DSC_0990_edit_resized DSC_0994_edit_resized DSC_0997_edit_resized (I’m always chopping off Glen’s arms/hands… damn long arms ha)DSC_0998_edit_resized

DSC_0007_edit_resized DSC_0010_edit_resized DSC_0029_edit_resized DSC_0038_edit_resized DSC_0078_edit_resized DSC_0083_edit_resized DSC_0105_edit_resized DSC_0140_edit_resized DSC_0172_edit_resized

There was some more skating, and then we headed to Crisis to meet up with Fuzz, Leslie, Emily, Jason and Lindy…
DSC_0193_edit_resized DSC_0195_edit_resized DSC_0198_edit_resized DSC_0205_edit_resized DSC_0207_edit_resized DSC_0209_cropped <3 <3 <3 Much love for all these people.

After some 3 Margarita’s, we went to check out Chris Dyer’s art show in Denver…DSC_0214_edit_resized DSC_0215_edit_resized DSC_0218_edit_resized