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Portland Trip (#portrandia)

Two days after I got back to CO from RI, I was back on a plane headed to Portland, OR. Back row seating, with Jack and Glen. When we took off (Sept 11), CO seemed to be in OR weather, while OR was experiencing weather more typical of CO – hot, dry and sunny. Perfect, especially because Boulder even got snow the first night we were out of town.

DSC_0501_edit_resized DSC_0510_edit_resized

The first spot we skated was right down the street from the airport, so we could roll around while waiting for Neil’s flight to arrive.
DSC_0515_edit_resized DSC_0516_edit_resized DSC_0519_edit_resized

This is a “looking for on-coming traffic” pose…DSC_0521_edit_resized DSC_0523_edit_resized DSC_0524_edit_resized DSC_0526_edit_resized DSC_0532_edit_resized


11 of us all crashed in Nate’s one-bedroom apartment. Pretty rad. Also, Nate has the most adorable cat ever, named Quill. We thought we lost Quill the very first night and after searching all over the apartment complex, she appeared hours later in the apartment.

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Friday we started the day at Burnside, which was so awesome I skated the whole time and took no photos, then cruised around downtown, where apparently I only took one skate photo, and then to Kenzie’s ramp, which also was so much fun I didn’t take any photos…

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We were stoked, I swear. Ha.


Saturday, we ventured to the Oregon coast…
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Fuzz did his best to save this mouse’s life. It doesn’t even look like a normal mouse to me…

DSC_0743_edit_resized DSC_0746_edit_resized DSC_0749_edit_resized DSC_0750_edit_resized DSC_0752_edit_resized DSC_0759_edit_resized DSC_0762_edit_resized DSC_0768_edit_resized DSC_0769_edit_resized DSC_0773_edit_resized DSC_0775_edit_resized DSC_0777_edit_resized DSC_0782_edit_resized DSC_0784_edit_resized DSC_0786_edit_resized DSC_0787_edit_resized DSC_0800_edit_resized DSC_0801_edit_resized DSC_0802_edit_resized DSC_0806_edit_resized DSC_0808_edit_resized DSC_0810_edit_resized DSC_0814_edit_resized DSC_0821_edit_resized DSC_0824_edit_resized DSC_0832_edit_resized DSC_0834_edit_resized DSC_0838_edit_resized DSC_0840_edit_resized DSC_0844_edit_resized DSC_0847_edit_resized DSC_0854_edit_resized DSC_0855_edit_resized DSC_0856_edit_resized DSC_0863_edit_resized DSC_0865_edit_resized DSC_0868_edit_resized DSC_0870_edit_resized DSC_0871_edit_resized DSC_0872_edit_resized DSC_0884_edit_resized DSC_0888_edit_resized DSC_0892_edit_resized DSC_0893_edit_resized

Sunday we skated around Portland again. We started at a really fun spot down by the river, and I skated pretty much the whole time so I have no photos, but then explored a little up the street…

DSC_0906_edit_resizedDSC_0907_edit_resized DSC_0911_edit_resized DSC_0925_edit_resized DSC_0927_edit_resized DSC_0932_edit_resized

And then Sunday night went to see the Swifts. If you’ve never heard of them, it’s worth Google-ing… super cool to see in person.


Oh yea, and while we waited for the Swifts to get their shit together, there was lots of sledding/surfing on pieces of cardboard happening…

DSC_0936_edit_resized DSC_0944_edit_resized DSC_0946_edit_resized DSC_0949_edit_resized DSC_0951_edit_resized DSC_0953_edit_resized DSC_0956_edit_resized DSC_0957_edit_resized DSC_0957_edit_resized2 DSC_0958_edit_resized DSC_0959_edit_resized DSC_0962_edit_resized DSC_0976_edit_resized DSC_0978_edit_resized DSC_0987_edit_resized DSC_0990_edit_resized DSC_0993_edit_resized

the falcon appears…DSC_0996_edit_resized DSC_0997_edit_resized DSC_0998_edit_resized DSC_0999_edit_resized DSC_1001_edit_resized DSC_1005_edit_resized DSC_1012_edit_resized DSC_1013_edit_resized

The falcon goes in for the kill…


So rad! Later we went to an awesome bar, and then skated a park on the way to the airport the next day. Then back to the back seat row with Jack…


Fuzz looking out the window…DSC_0029_edit_resizedDSC_0045_edit_resizedDSC_0048_edit_resized


Thanks so much Nate – you made the trip amazing. Thanks to all the dudes for making it a blast – lots of fun, well-rounded stuff to skate, along with some nature mixed in. Super, super fun!