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Home for the Holidays – December 2014

So, with this post I have reached a new record – posting over 3 months late. Ugh. Gotta get back on top of this!!!

A few days before I headed home to Rhode Island for Christmas time, I got an iPhone. Since I got this iPhone, sadly, I realize I haven’t been taking many photos with my real camera. Still taking lots and lots and lots of photos, but much less love for my Nikon. It really shows now that I’m FINALLY trying to post! So these are almost entirely iPhone photos (besides some from a stroll on the beach)…

First, on the bus to the airport for the sunrise…

IMG_0051_edit_resized IMG_0056_edit_resized

Holiday travel…IMG_0057_edit_resized IMG_0080_edit_resized

My mom and cousin Barbara met me at the Boston airport, and then we ventured around the North End for dinner and then pastries at Mike’s Pastry…IMG_0088_edit_resized IMG_0091_edit_resized IMG_0095_edit_resized IMG_0096_edit_resized IMG_0097_edit_resized IMG_0102_edit_resized

Home sweet home. Had to start the first day (Sunday) with breakfast at the Ocean Mist with Clay…IMG_0106_edit_resized IMG_0107_edit_resized IMG_0110_edit_resized IMG_0111_edit_resized IMG_0115_edit_resized

Then off to Providence to meet Jordan and Sara for another round of brunch and bottemless mimosas…IMG_0120_edit_resized IMG_0121_edit_resized IMG_0130_edit_resized IMG_0132_edit_resized

And if I hadn’t had enough food, I met my Aunt Marcia, Uncle Bill, their niece and nephew Lyndsey and Matthew, and Clay out to dinner in East Greenwich…IMG_0137_edit_resized

The next day, Liz and I took a trip down to Roys to check out the beach, my beach house, and have some Seaview sandwiches!IMG_0140_edit_resized IMG_0143_edit_resized IMG_0144_edit_resized IMG_0145_edit_resized IMG_0155_edit_resized

And, of course, we stopped by the Ocean Mist!IMG_0157_edit_resized

That night I met up with my friend Amy and got to meet her adorable kitty…IMG_0174_edit_resized IMG_0185_edit_resized


Speaking of adorable animals… these guys are the best ever…IMG_0188_edit_resized IMG_0201_edit_resized IMG_0206_edit_resized

This year my mom was way on top of everything! The Christmas dining table was set a day or two in advance…IMG_0210_edit_resized

Our Christmas tree (in and out of focus)…IMG_0215_edit_resized IMG_0216_edit_resized

And on old Christmas photo, back when my brothers and I wore matching outfits 🙂IMG_0220_edit_resized

I insisted on baking a pumpkin pie for Christmas…IMG_0221_edit_resized IMG_0222_edit_resized

And that brings us to Christmas morning. Cinnamon buns are always a tradition…IMG_0224_edit_resized


My dad…IMG_0226_edit_resized

My mom…IMG_0227_edit_resized

Beau…IMG_0228_edit_resized IMG_0231_edit_resized

Our childhood Christmas stockings… (mine is the moose)IMG_0233_edit_resized IMG_0237_edit_resized IMG_0239_edit_resized IMG_0244_edit_resized

Family dinner…
IMG_0254_edit_resized IMG_0257_edit_resized


The day after…IMG_0266_edit_resized IMG_0267_edit_resized IMG_0270_edit_resized IMG_0272_edit_resized

Photos from my Nikon:



DSC_0416_edit_resized DSC_0422_edit_resized DSC_0426_resized DSC_0430_edit_resized DSC_0438_edit_resized DSC_0443_edit_resized DSC_0446_edit_resized DSC_0451_edit_resized DSC_0456_edit_resized DSC_0459_edit_resized DSC_0462_edit_resized DSC_0463_edit_resized DSC_0465_edit_resized DSC_0470_edit_resized DSC_0473_resized


photos from the same beach adventure, but on the iPhone…

IMG_0282_edit_resized IMG_0286_edit_resized IMG_0291_edit_resized

Found some seaglass!!!IMG_0298_edit_resized IMG_0300_edit_resized IMG_0301_edit_resized IMG_0306_edit_resized IMG_0307_edit_resized IMG_0309_edit_resized IMG_0313_edit_resized IMG_0314_edit_resized IMG_0315_edit_resized

Beach selfies with Liz!IMG_0333_edit_resized IMG_0334_edit_resized IMG_0339_edit_resized IMG_0341_edit_resized IMG_0343_edit_resized

Back to the farm, Clay going shooting…IMG_0350_edit_resized IMG_0355_edit_resized IMG_0357_edit_resized

And of course, back out to the Mist!IMG_0358_edit_resized

And to the Pub with Polly…IMG_0369_edit_resized IMG_0373_edit_resized IMG_0380_edit_resized IMG_0393_edit_resized IMG_0402_edit_resized IMG_0404_edit_resized IMG_0407_edit_resized IMG_0412_edit_resized IMG_0417_edit_resized

Took a trip to the park in Westerly to roll around…IMG_0423_edit_resized IMG_0427_edit_resized IMG_0433_edit_resized

And got to meet Clay’s roommates adorable kitty…IMG_0436_edit_resized

My parents’ dogs have a ramp to get in and out of the car…IMG_0446_edit_resized IMG_0448_edit_resized

Wild turkeys on the farm…IMG_0454_edit_resized IMG_0456_edit_resized IMG_0458_edit_resized IMG_0463_edit_resized

Got to meet Van Ocean…IMG_0467_edit_resized IMG_0473_edit_resized

And Makala, Rose and I went out to the Ratskeller… and had this creepy deer staring at us…IMG_0477_edit_resized

And I ran into a Colorado friend!IMG_0478_edit_resized

Then back to Makala’s for a little tatting. I’ve always wanted to tattoo myself, and I had a perfect tattoo picked out for the occasion…IMG_0482_edit_resized IMG_0483_edit_resized IMG_0485_edit_resized IMG_0489_edit_resized IMG_0491_edit_resized IMG_0493_edit_resized IMG_0495_edit_resized

Thanks Makala for letting me do this!!

Rose even got some love from K…IMG_0498_edit_resized IMG_0501_edit_resized

One final stop on the way to the airport… the skatepark in Providence…IMG_0504_edit_resized IMG_0505_edit_resized IMG_0506_edit_resized IMG_0507_edit_resized IMG_0510_edit_resized

Then my dad took me to the Boston airport….IMG_0515_edit_resized IMG_0521_edit_resized

And that’s all!